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Neil Allison


The School of Oriental and African Sudies (University of London)
Development Economics & International Development
Bogota, コロンビア

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  • English (UK): ネイティブ
  • Spanish: 中級


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Casual conversation or structured learning with an experienced economist and communications trainer.


I'm Neil, I'm an experienced economic consultant and trainer from London in the UK, and am really excited to meet you and work with you to improve your English.

I'm a policy analyst with experience as a consultant in Asia and Africa providing training to people in how to use English in a business environment. I have many years’ experience writing briefings and speeches for ministers and senior managers, training colleagues, and teaching english to teenagers and adults.

I am available to help with everyday and business english, preparing for interviews, helping with writing and improving your technical knowledge. We can use textbooks and online materials, or talk freely to practice your conversation skills - a great way to practice vocabulary and pronunciation - as well as more structured classes with specific goals.

I have lived abroad for several years, and love meeting people and finding out about new cultures, and would love to hear about your interests and where you live. I live in Colombia in South America, where I am learning Spanish, so I know about the challenges of learning a language! I like travelling, outdoor sports, especially hiking and football, cooking, culture, live music and movies.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


スタッフコメント ロンドン大学経済学修士でエコノミストとしても活躍するNeil先生、ビジネス英語全般が得意です。コロンビアでスペイン語を学んでいます。


トピックス › ニュース

I have a keen interest in world affairs and would be interested in discussing news articles with you on anything that interests you, from the Skimatalk library or elsewhere. Reading articles is a great way to improve your voabulary and pronounciation.

日常英会話 › フリートーク

I love meeting people from other countries and learning about their culture, and would love to hear about what interests you in a free conversation, like you are talking to a friend. We can talk about anything, from sport, to politics, to travelling in your country, or we could talk about an article you recently read or movie you saw for example.

基礎 › 発音・フォニックス

As a native British English speaker I can help you improve and perfect your English pronouncication, either through set exercises, or through conversation and helping you with words you find difficult.

英作文 › ビジネスライティング

I have 8 years professional experience as an economic consultant, and have provided training to colleagues in Africa and Asia-Pacific in using English in a business environment. I can help you with report writing, emails etc. by advising on best practice language and looking at examples you have worked on and advising on how they can be improved.

基礎 › 全般

I can provide assistance with all forms of English learning, in whatever format you prefer. We can work on vocabulary, pronounciation, grammar, and even idioms that are used in the english speaking world to give your english a more natural sound.


2001 - 2004
University of Warwick
経済学 › Economics (学士)
2006 - 2007
The School of Oriental and African Sudies (University of London)
経済学 › Development Economics & International Development (修士)
2004 - 2015
Economist 公共サービス
I have worked as an analyst and advisor in the UK government, and international consultant in Fiji and Rwanda., on the themes of trade, economic development, and climate change. As well as conducting economic research and providing advice on policy, writing briefs and speeches for ministers and senior policy makers, I have provided training to colleagues in their written and spoken english in a business environment.


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