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Stephen Rogers


Moody Bible Institute
Biblical Studies
Guadalajara, メキシコ

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  • English (US): ネイティブ
  • Spanish (Latin American): 中級


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I specialize in helping my students reach conversational fluency for use at home, school, and work.

Hello there! My name is Stephen. I am a professional TEFL (i-to-i) teacher from Seattle, WA, USA. I love being an online English teacher because I get to meet so many interesting people from all over the world and help them learn English. Knowing English opens up countless opportunites whether for studying abroad, finding a new job, traveling, or making new friends. xD I am currently living in Guadalajara, Mexico, learning Spanish, and understand how difficult it is to learn a new language. I make mistakes in Spanish constantly, but making mistakes is nothing to feel bad about!

My lessons are always positive and based on your needs and interests. My goal is to make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible! I will keep track of your progress and make notes regarding things you did well and things you need to work on.

We can focus on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, or fluency, using a variety of teaching methods such as: videos, reading materials, worksheets, role play, specific needs learning like English for interviewing or ordering at a restaurant, and.free conversation.

It would be my pleasure to be your teacher. Let's get together to learn English!

スタッフコメント パナマで英語を教えているステファン先生、紹介ビデオ後半にありますようにスペイン語上級者です。


メソッド・ツール › コーチング

I am a very good life coach/mentor. I have had a great mentor for my entire life and am good at advising people in many different situations, especially relationships.

日常英会話 › スラング

Happy to use many teaching methods to help!

日常英会話 › 上級者向け

Happy to use many teaching methods to help!

ビジネススキル・知識 › 面接・インタビュー

I have experience coaching how to interview. I help by making suggestions, working with you to predict what kinds of questions you will be asked, and by doing role play. I'm really good at helping you practice. xD

基礎 › ボキャブラリー・使える表現

I can help you prioritize what kind of vocabulary would be most helpful for you to learn. There are lists of the most used English phrases and words which I can help bring to life for you. ("bring to life" in this context, means to make something dull or boring interesting.)

日常英会話 › シチュエーション別英会話

We can focus on learning the necessary words and sentences for use in a specific environment such as for work, the grocery store, classroom, travel, ordering food at a restaurant, talking on the phone, or any other situation you would like to practice.

日常英会話 › フリートーク

We can have conversations about any subject you're interested in. I can also share videos or articles on subjects of interest with you as a kind of homework. We can then discuss them in the following lesson.


Moody Bible Institute
その他 › Biblical Studies
2015 - 2016
TownePark 宿泊・飲食
I completed a 120 hour course from i-to-i TEFL training. I also completed a 10 hour course on how to teach one to one.


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