About SkimaTalk


Helping People Go Global

Our mission is to help people go global, creating learning and teaching opportunities for everyone in the world. For anyone who strongly desires to learn or teach, we make it easy, convenient, and affordable to share skills and knowledge without regard to differences in language, culture, and nationality.


Sharing the World's Knowledge

Our vision is to create a global skill-sharing marketplace. Every single person has a unique set of skills, knowledge, and experiences that someone else in the world will value. This abundance of talent and potential is currently untapped and limited to the general public. By connecting individuals worldwide, we enable people to access the world's knowledge.


A Marketplace for English Learners and Teachers

We help English learners find the best teachers from all over the world and offer a platform where anyone can start one-on-one online English classes. Currently, we focus exclusively on English learning, but plan to expand to other skills in the near future.

Company and Team

Founding Team and Advisers

team member
Koji Shimizu
Co-founder & CEO

Koji is an English & Mandarin learner who has found an awesome way to learn languages. More than 10 years of experience in creating business in the mobile and Internet industry. Koji holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.

team member
Ted Smith
Co-founder & CMO

Ted is a consumer marketing and product strategy specialist. Most recently, he spent several years at Salesforce.com, defining the pricing, packaging, and product strategy for some of the company's top products. Ted holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.

team member
Shimon Yamada

Shimon is an ex-Yahoo full-stack engineer who can turn ideas into extremely fast and reliable code.

team member
Itsuro Kasahara

Itsuro is a certified accountant, specializing in M&A and tax advisory services for international corporations. Itsuro has spent time at Big 4 accounting firms and served as CFO for the Chinese subsidiary of a Japanese IT company.

team member
Takemasa Hayashi

10+ years of experience in management/IT consulting, software development and project management. Takemasa holds an MS in Mathematics from Keio University.

team member
Yutaka Hosoai

Yutaka is a software Engineer with MS in Computer Science from San Jose State University. A surfer. 10+ years in software development in Silicon Valley.

team member
Sang-Hoon Kim

Sang-Hoon Kim is a marketing leader at Vingle, a global social network service. Prior to Vingle, Sang-Hoon spent 10 years as a journalist at the Dong-A daily newspaper in Korea, covering the internet and technology space.

team member
Peter Kim

Finance and Korean marketing specialist. Peter holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.


US Office:

Name: SkimaTalk, Inc.
URL https://www.skimatalk.com
Contact: support@skimatalk.com

3338 17th Street, #201 San Francisco, CA 94110

Japan Office:

Name: SkimaTalk Japan Inc.
URL https://www.skimatalk.com/jp
Contact: support@skimatalk.com

22-17, Grandspot Bldg. 101, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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