How It Works

How It Works (Students)

Step skype

1. Prepare Skype

Register at Skype and get your own Skype Name

Step signup

2. Sign Up

Sign up with your email address and Skype Name

Step coin

3. Choose a Plan

Choose one of our Everyday Lesson or Coin plans.

Step schedule

4. Search & Book

Search for available teachers & book sessions.

Step talk

5. Learn

Conduct learning sessions via Skype video.

Step evaluate

6. Rate

Leave feedback for your teachers. They appreciate it!

SkimaTalk Tutorial

About SkimaTalk Lessons

Service Overview

SkimaTalk in Action #1

SkimaTalk in Action #2

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4 Reasons Why You Can Master English at SkimaTalk


One-on-One Coaching by Native English-Speaking Teachers


Anytime, Anywhere – 24/7/365 Flexible Scheduling


Your Learning Progress is Visible and Keeps You Motivated


Find Learning Content Best-fitted for You