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Univerity of Toronto
English Language & Literature
Toronto, Canada

Language Skills

  • English (Canada): Native
  • English (US): Native
  • Spanish: Intermediate
  • Arabic: Elementary


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TESOL Certified Teacher - Business Specialization / All types of lessons

Welcome! I'm Ana, and I am delighted to be your online English teacher. With my extensive experience in teaching English online, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your language learning goals. From improving your speaking and writing skills to enhancing your overall fluency, I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Beyond my role as an English teacher, I am a multifaceted individual with a range of interests. When I'm not teaching, you can find me indulging in my love for TV shows, discovering new fitness routines, and exploring the wonders of diverse cultures. In particular, I have a profound fascination with Asia, with its rich history, vibrant traditions, and captivating languages.

However, my true passion lies in teaching English. I firmly believe in the transformative power of language and its ability to connect individuals from different backgrounds. As your teacher, my aim is to create an engaging and supportive learning environment where we can embark on an exciting journey of language acquisition together.

Whether you are a beginner seeking to build a strong foundation or an advanced learner striving for fluency, I will tailor our lessons to your specific needs and learning style. Through a variety of interactive activities, practical exercises, and meaningful conversations, we will explore the intricacies of the English language, expand your vocabulary, refine your grammar, and develop your confidence in using English in real-life situations.

So, if you are ready to embark on an enriching language learning adventure, join me in my virtual classroom. Together, we will unlock the doors to effective communication, open up new opportunities, and broaden your horizons. Let's embark on this remarkable journey to English proficiency together!

Teaching Specialty:

Everyday English › Situational Conversation

Teaching situational English conversation is a specialized area that I am truly passionate about. It allows students to develop practical language skills that can be applied to real-life scenarios, enabling effective communication in various social and professional settings. With my expertise and dedication, I am committed to providing engaging lessons that focus on mastering situational English conversation. Throughout our sessions, I introduce students to a wide range of common situations they are likely to encounter in their daily lives. This may include conversations related to travel, dining out, shopping, job interviews, or even socializing with friends. By immersing students in these contextualized scenarios, they acquire the necessary vocabulary, phrases, and idiomatic expressions specific to each situation.

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

Are you yearning to go beyond the ordinary greetings of "Hi" and "How are you?" If so, I am thrilled to embark on a vocabulary-expanding journey with you. My aim is to equip you with a rich repertoire of useful words, phrases, and expressions for both everyday conversations and special occasions. We will delve into antonyms, homonyms, and synonyms, exploring the intricacies of the English language. Learning English presents one of the most transformative opportunities to enhance your life and broaden your prospects for securing rewarding employment. Through our lessons, you will acquire not only the ability to communicate effectively but also the confidence to express yourself fluently. Together, we will unravel common phrases to inquire about someone's well-being, express your own feelings, extend invitations, and navigate a myriad of social situations.

Kids › All Ages

With over 4 years of teaching experience, my passion for tutoring children has only grown stronger. Working with children brings me immense joy, as they possess an innate enthusiasm for learning. Every session is filled with energy and excitement, making it a truly rewarding experience. To create an engaging learning environment, I prioritize the student's interests and preferences. I involve them in the decision-making process by asking what they would like to do or learn. If a student hasn't selected specific materials, I may also seek input from parents who are present during the sessions. This collaborative approach ensures that lessons align with the child's individual needs and interests.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

In my free conversation lessons, the focus is entirely on the student's interests and preferences. I believe in empowering my students to drive the conversation by allowing them to choose the topics they wish to explore. As a curious individual with a genuine passion for diverse subjects, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in thought-provoking discussions with my students. During our conversations, I attentively listen to my students, not only to understand their thoughts and perspectives but also to identify any language errors they may make. I provide timely feedback, gently pointing out their mistakes and offering appropriate corrections. Additionally, I offer guidance on sentence construction, tailored to each student's proficiency level. My objective is to help students improve their speaking skills while expanding their vocabulary and grammatical accuracy.

Everyday English › Slang

Teaching English slang is a fascinating and dynamic aspect of language instruction that I thoroughly enjoy. Slang adds vibrancy and authenticity to language usage, allowing students to connect with native speakers on a deeper level. With my expertise and passion for this subject, I strive to create an engaging and immersive learning experience for students seeking to explore the realm of English slang. Drawing upon my extensive knowledge of slang expressions from various English-speaking regions, I aim to introduce students to a wide array of colloquial terms, idiomatic phrases, and cultural references. Together, we will dive into the rich tapestry of English slang, delving into its nuances, meanings, and appropriate usage in different contexts.

Test Prep › Other

Over the past two years, I have dedicated myself to preparing students for the IELTS Speaking Test. Throughout this journey, I have gained valuable insights and honed my expertise in this specific area. To ensure comprehensive preparation, I work closely with the school or individual students, utilizing the provided IELTS Speaking Test materials. Alternatively, if students prefer to use their own materials, I readily adapt to their needs. In addition to the designated resources, I supplement our sessions with additional questions sourced from reputable platforms such as the British Council or other reliable websites. This allows us to delve deeper into various topics and practice a wide range of speaking skills necessary for the IELTS examination.

Writing › General

While speaking skills often take the spotlight, I firmly believe that writing holds significant importance in language development. Through effective writing, individuals showcase their grammar proficiency and gain the ability to express themselves in the most articulate manner. Written communication possesses a unique power that can rival verbal exchanges. With years of experience in correcting various forms of written texts, including essays, emails, and articles, I offer my expertise in enhancing general English and business English writing skills. Whether you are a business professional, a journalist, an English teacher, or even a writer seeking to refine your craft, I am here to assist you. My goal is to ensure that my students not only write proficiently but also acquire new knowledge and skills during each and every lesson.

Business Skills & Knowledge › Interview Skills

Job interviews and school interviews are pivotal moments that can shape our future. The outcomes of these crucial events have the potential to determine our trajectory in life. Given their significance, thorough preparation becomes paramount. Over the years, I have successfully assisted numerous students in preparing for life-changing job interviews and MBA interviews. As the demand for MBA-level education continues to rise globally, effective preparation has become an essential requirement. This is the ideal platform to equip yourself for that pivotal moment in your life. Whether you are seeking guidance for job interviews or preparing for MBA interviews, I provide comprehensive training tailored to your specific needs. During our sessions, I conduct mock interviews using your own materials or carefully curated resources. This approach ensures that you receive targeted feedback and practical advice, enabling you to unlock your full potential.

Test Prep › Eiken

The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency holds immense significance in Japan, making it a crucial milestone for many students seeking to advance their professional careers or assess their language proficiency. As an experienced EIKEN instructor, I have devoted hundreds of hours to teaching this test, resulting in numerous satisfied students. I specialize in preparing learners for all levels of the EIKEN exam, from "EIKEN 5th Grade" to "EIKEN Pre 1st Grade," covering both writing and listening components. In my teaching approach, I offer a flexible and personalized experience. I encourage students to bring their own materials, and I also provide a curated selection of resources, including online materials, to enhance the learning process. With a comprehensive range of materials at our disposal, we can tailor the lessons to meet your specific needs and maximize your success on the EIKEN Test.

Topics › News Articles

I have a particular affinity for engaging my students in reading news articles. Together, we explore a wide range of captivating pieces sourced from esteemed publications like CNN, BBC, Time, and VOA. Incorporating these articles into our daily lessons provides a valuable opportunity for language immersion and real-world application. During our reading sessions, I give my students the choice to either read independently or repeat after me. As they navigate through the text, I offer guidance, correct pronunciation, and delve into detailed analysis. I encourage students to ask questions, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment. It is through this collaborative approach that we deepen their understanding of the article's content and language nuances.


2019 - 2022
Univerity of Toronto
English / English Literature › English Language & Literature (Bachelor)
Work Experience:
2019 - 2024
Online English Schools Education
Teaching Professional
Over 3 years of Online Teaching Experience. Specialized to teach all kinds of materials such as "Let's Go", "Eiken", "IELTS", "TOEIC", "Side by Side", "Business English". Experienced with both children and adults.
TESOL Business Specialization


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