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Language Skills

  • English (UK): Native
  • Afrikaans: Intermediate
  • Greek: Intermediate


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12.00 Coins

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Teaching vocabulary, phonology and phonetics, as well as correct sentence structure.

My name is Chris. I am a native English speaker from South Africa. For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with the English language. On average I read about one book a week. I also love audiobooks, and I firmly believe that they are the only thing that gets me through housework. Here's a funny bit of trivia: when I was a child I would read the dictionary for fun. Not the whole dictionary mind you. I'd just randomly pick a page and look up all the words that I did not yet know the meaning of.

At the beginning of 2019 I successfully completed a TESOL course through the Wits University Language School. It taught me a great deal about the most effective ways to teach English, as well as the various difficulties faced by speakers of other languages. It also taught me that my passion is for tutoring through authentic conversation and lessons based on my students’ needs and aims.

Even though I am detail oriented and will remind my students of the rules and guidelines of English when needed, I tend to do so with patience, encouragement, and a sense of humor. The lessons and the teaching styles that I choose to utilize will depend on the needs and aims of the student I am teaching. I prefer using realistic language that will serve my students in real-life situations, not just the classroom. Overall, I think learning English should be, and can be, an enjoyable and achievable undertaking.

Teaching Specialty:

Topics › News Articles

I believe that news articles offer a great way for students to practice pronunciation, increase vocabulary, work on reading and listening comprehension, as well as engage in conversation about a variety of topics.

English Basics › Grammar

During conversation I will assess your grammar and point out areas that need attention. We will use activities such as structured conversations, explanations, and gap-fill exercises to make you more familiar with the grammar rule in question.

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

Through conversation, I will asses what your pronunciation difficulties are. We will work on them one at a time so as not to overwhelm you. If needed, I will give you instruction on the correct lip, tongue and throat movements and positions you should use to produce the correct sound. Next we will practice pronouncing words of varying difficulty levels that focus on the sound in question. Finally we will practice the sound in complete sentences and tongue twisters. Ultimately this will help you sound more fluent and natural.

Everyday English › General

Conversation that will deal with everything from practicing learned and new vocabulary, to correct and incorrect pronunciation and sentence structure.


2019 - 2019
Wits Language School
Education › 'TESOL'
Name Of Course: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages vis Blended Learning. Aims of Course: To develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach English to Speakers of other languages. Number of National Study Hours. 152.


Overall: 4.98

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4.98 (/ 5.00)
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Voice/Video Clarity
4.98 (/ 5.00)

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