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Chiang Mai University
United States

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10.00 Coins

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English Profesor in Thailand! Let's talk!

Hello! I am currently in Nepal, I will still be teaching online however my schedule may be different. Therefore if you would like to book a class with me just send me a message and I will try to open my schedule for that time.

Hello and Welcome! My name is Cody and I am from the USA, and if I were to define myself, I would say that I am a tireless explorer attempting to freeze life one second at a time. Experiencing this life to the fullest is something that I do with the utmost passion. This passion is something that I carry through to both my personal life as well as my professional life. As an Educator of the English language I take each lesson and put 110% of my effort into helping you achieve your English language goals.

My experience and training are that of the highest quality I have been able to achieve for myself and I am continuing to further my education in my field. I have achieved a rank of merit upon graduating from my TEFL program at Chiang Mai University, a very well respected and prestigious university here in Thailand. Upon my graduation I was instantly offered a position as an English Professor for the Royal Thai Military Academy preparing the future of Thailand’s Army Officers and potential leaders of this country.

My educating style is very unique and I am able to adapt to each of my students needs. Whether its playing games or speaking activities, we can both have a lot of fun and still improve your English. Although we can also just discuss whatever topics you may find interesting, because the best way in my opinion to improve a language is just by simply speaking it.
As for my personal life, I mentioned that I have a passion for experiencing life to its fullest. For me this means travelling to new countries, exploring the different unique cultures and foods they have to offer. Cycling and mountain climbing are also some of my biggest passions! When I am not teaching or out in nature I love to sit down with a good book or put on a new movie I have never seen before.

Why should you hire me? Well if you would like to have fun in your lessons, have amazing discussions and increase your fluency in English then I would love to meet you and help you in reaching your goals!

Teaching Specialty:

Everyday English › Slang

Slang may seem like something young kids would use however there are many different kinds of slang words and yes us adults do use them! So this area of the english language can really help your overall listining or speaking skills.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

Student centered focus on their interests and passions, or whatever they would like to discuss

Business Skills & Knowledge › Interview Skills

With my previous experience as a hiring manager for a medical equipment company I will be able to help you with your buisness english needs. Do you need to study for an MBA? Do you need to communicate with forgin clients? Or maybe you just want to better your communication with your english speaking co-workers. Do not worry, I will be able to help you!

Topics › Discussion

I leave the topics up to my students!

Everyday English › General

Lets Talk! That is the best way to practice everday english, and we can let the conversation flow naturally or we can focus on specific topics.

Methods & Tools › Game

Speaking games and Activities are some of the best ways to both have fun and learn a language! Who says adults cant play games?

Business Skills & Knowledge › Discussion / Debate

I love debating! I like to build up from smaller debates to more complex debating.

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

Focusing on word and sentence stress!

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

Exploring the different vocabulary in the English language.


Chiang Mai University
Education › TEFL
Work Experience:
2019 -
CRMA Education
Teaching Professional
Currently employed by the Royal Thai Army to teach at a military university.


Overall: 4.90

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