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Daniel H


Chiang Mai University
Chiang Mai, Thailand
United States

Language Skills

  • English (US): Native
  • Thai: Intermediate


Price (25 min):

8.00 Coins Book Sessions

* This price is for free conversation lessons.

Rating & Experience:

423 sessions 271 Ratings Cancellations: 0 No-show: 2


Hello! I teach English conversation and business English, with a focus on speaking clearly

Hello! My name is Daniel. I am 39 years old. I am from the United States but now I live in Thailand. I am easy to talk with and very good with vocabulary and English expressions, especially those from the USA

I have been teaching English in Asia for 8 years. I teach conversation , business English and IELTS. My hobbies include riding bicycles, swimming, running and doing activities outside. I also enjoy listening to music and sometimes watching movies.

I look forward to meeting you and practicing English together.

Have a great day! -- Danny

Teaching Specialty:

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

Expressions and idioms are very useful vocabulary that are not always taught in books and I enjoy sharing some of my favorite cultural expressions

Everyday English › General

General English is the most commonly spoken. Learning everyday English is one of my favorites cause it teaches the student how to respond to a free flowing conversation

Topics › News Articles

News is a great way to learn more about a culture and pick up useful vocabulary. We can read an article to guarantee complete understanding.

Everyday English › Advanced

Teaching more advanced English is my favorite because we can explore more vocabulary and more complicated ideas.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

Conversation is probably the reason most people want to learn English. Having open conversation allows the student to feel relaxed and gain confidence expressing themselves on a variety of topics while also learning new vocabulary.

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

Correct pronunciation is vital to being understood and feeling confident speaking English. I love to help students improve and become more secure expressing themselves!


2007 - 2008
Chiang Mai University
English / English Literature › TEFL
TEFL certification from Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai Thailand. This course included over 6 weeks of training and teaching with real students at the largest university in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Overall: 4.93

Teaching Skill
4.94 (/ 5.00)
4.94 (/ 5.00)
4.95 (/ 5.00)
4.97 (/ 5.00)
Voice/Video Clarity
4.84 (/ 5.00)

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