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United States Institute of Language and Clerical Studies
Principles and Methods of Language Education
United States

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I am passionate about empowering others and adapting my approach to each learner's needs.


My name is Daniel, but most people call me Dan. I am from New York State, U.S.A. and I am a TESOL and TEFL certified teacher with a bachelor's degree in language education. For 10 years I have enjoyed educating students of all ages in a variety of teaching settings. As a counselor for a public speaking school, I have helped many students to gain the skill and confidence to become dynamic public speakers. I also have extensive background in academic listening comprehension, functional interactive language ease, and IELTS testing preparation.

My wife and I have been living in Southeast Asia for the past 4 years, so I personally know the challenges of living and working where the language spoken is not my native tongue. Additionally, my years as an educator have taught me that each person learns differently and that the best teachers adapt their approach.

I feel passionately about empowering others and you will find me to be energetic, fun, and committed to providing you with a balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment. I look forward to helping you to reach your personal language goals!

Teaching Specialty:

Test Prep › IELTS

Since 2019 I have helped hundreds of students in Southeast Asia prepare for the IELTS Speaking and Listening exams. Although there is no way to know in advance exactly what will be asked on your exam, as we practice together I will help you to feel well prepared and give you tips and tricks so that you will go into your test knowing what to expect and feeling confident!

Topics › Small Talk

Do you ever find that while you feel confident discussing things related to your business field, you feel lost in casual conversation? This is a common scenario for many language learners. Small talk, however, is important to building friendly relationships and trust and can make business deals in the western world more likely to succeed. I can help you learn to understand and engage in small talk with ease.

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

Perhaps one of the most important elements to being understood in English is clear pronunciation. The English language includes sounds that require the speaker to use their tongue, lips, teeth, and throat in ways that might be completely different than their native language. Training the muscles in your mouth and face will significantly improve the clarity of your pronunciation and can even be fun. Let me show you how!

Business Skills & Knowledge › Presentation

Dynamic public speaking is one of the most powerful abilities a person can have, but is also listed among many people's top fears. I have been a student of public speaking for over 20 years. In that time, I have delivered presentations to audiences as large as 5,000 people. I have been a counselor in a public speaking school since 2015 and have worked with hundreds of students. I would be pleased to help you learn to minimize nerves and deliver clear and effective presentations.

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

Do you want to sound more like a native English speaker? Often when learning a new language, we develop much of our vocabulary from books and dictionaries. Native speakers, however, use hundreds of phrases and idioms in everyday speech that are not often found in written form. As we work on these together you will begin to sound more like a native speaker and increase your listening comprehension in conversation.


2017 - 2020
United States Institute of Language and Clerical Studies
Education › Principles and Methods of Language Education (Bachelor)


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