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Language Skills

  • English (US): Native
  • Korean: Intermediate
  • Italian: Intermediate


Price (25 min):

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Creating a meaningful learning experience encompassing both cultural and language exchange.


My name is Deanna from Toronto, Canada. I am currently a marketing coordinator for an entrepreneurial networking events company in Toronto and I also run my own online vintage clothing shop for women.

I was previously an English language instructor in Seoul for 3 years. I taught at an English learning institute named Language Cube, where I taught adults mainly 1-1 with group classes conducted once a week.

I love teaching, meeting new people and engaging in cultural exchange. I am familiar with teaching English at many different levels and welcome any type of learner to work with me.

Enough about me! ~ I look forward to meeting and teaching all future learners on the SkimaTalk site!

Teaching Specialty:

Business Skills & Knowledge › Speech

Reviewing standard business interactions using case studies and pre-set dialogues. The goal is to familiarize learners with the common terminology and surrounding cultural factors at play, to then communicate with confidence.

Everyday English › Situational Conversation

Creating two-way conversations through a given script, going over a typical conversation during a particular event- checking into a hotel, returning a product at customer service etc. Providing a script for both myself and the learner to read from. The scripts' difficulty level will range based on the english proficiency level at hand.

Everyday English › Slang

Listening to clips from TV shows and movies where slang terms are used. Following the video clips, discussing with the learner when these phrases are commonly used and sharing with the learner how to say other phrases with similar meanings.


2012 - 2015
McMaster University
Communication › Media and Communication Studies (Bachelor)
2019 - 2020
Humber College Institute of Technology
Communication › Fashion (Master)
Work Experience:
2015 - 2016
Changwon Elementary School Education
Teaching Professional
Native english teacher working for the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.
2016 - 2018
Language Cube Education
Teaching Professional
Native English teacher working 1:1 in an English language academy in Seoul. Taught students of varying ages (6-65) and in different industries. The position mainly entailed teaching adults conversational and business english.
2019 -
National Business Development Consulting Information and Communication
Corporate Planning / Business Development
Organizing B2B joint venture conferences in cities across North America. Event planning, marketing the events and generating leads and ticket sales.
2020 -
City Moguls Information and Communication
Marketing / Public Relations
Marketing Coordinator for an entrepreneurial networking events company.
Completed a teaching english as a foreign language (TEFL) course through the University of Toronto. Chosen specializations in teaching english to young learners and business english.


Overall: 4.80

Teaching Skill
4.78 (/ 5.00)
4.74 (/ 5.00)
4.81 (/ 5.00)
4.88 (/ 5.00)
Voice/Video Clarity
4.81 (/ 5.00)

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