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I have been teaching students of all levels in Japan for over 25 years!

Hello everyone and thank you very much for your interest in my English classes!

My name is David, I am from the United States, and I have been teaching English in Japan and elsewhere in Asia for over 25 years now.

Over that time, I have helped hundreds of students improve their English and I look forward to helping you achieve your language goals as well!

I have taught students from beginners to experienced international businessmen and businesswomen and am confident I can help you improve your English language skills no matter what your current level is.

I love helping my students improve their language skills and create engaging self-study vocabulary building exercises and quizzes which I send out to my SkimaTalk followers every Saturday morning:-)!

Here is a sample of a free, interactive, and graded online vocabulary quiz (with English and Japanese definitions) that I make each week for my students and followers:


Click the link above or paste it into your phone or computer browser to start the free quiz.

You can download the full pdf self-study lesson related to this vocabulary quiz on "AI and Art" (a vocabulary expansion exercise with a reading passage, word list, and definitions in English and Japanese) using the link here:


Want to check your pronunciation? Listen to the recording I made of me reading the passage about "AI and Art" here:


Even if you can't book my lesson, feel free to use these study materials to help improve your English and click "Follow" on my SkimaTalk profile page to receive new exercises every week!

To give you a little bit more information on my background, I grew up in Maryland on the East Coast of the US in the suburbs of Washington, DC. It is about 4 hours south of New York City by car.

I went to university in Boston at Boston College where I studied finance and moved to Tokyo after graduating college to teach English.

Later, I returned to the US and lived in San Francisco, where I worked in Venture Capital investment for 3 years before going to London to get my MBA at the London Business School.

After that, I returned to Asia where I worked for another 7 years in alternative investments including Hedge Funds, Fund of Fund investing, and Real Estate fund investing in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai. I also have a CFA, so if you are a businessperson or work in investment, you may also know this certification.

I set up my own educational services company about 10 years ago and now I teach and provide MBA application consulting services full-time.

I am a very experienced English language teacher and passionate about education and helping my students achieve their personal goals.

日本語も話せます!I can speak Japanese and Mandarin as well!

Thanks for your time in reading my introduction I look forward to seeing you in class!

Teaching Specialty:

Test Prep › TOEFL

I have been teaching TOEFL, TOIEC, and IELTS classes to Japanese and other Asian students for over 25 years now. I have a huge amount of experience helping students improve their scores on these tests. I also have a huge library of study materials to work on in class with my students for these exams!

Everyday English › General

I have been teaching students in Asia and Japan of all levels for over 25 years. I can teach you from a zero-English level to learn conversation English. I can also help you learn to improve your general English grammar, reading, listening, and speaking if you are looking to improve in these areas as well.

Business English Basics › General

I have been teaching Japanese businessmen and businesswomen for over 25 years! I use current news and articles from world-class business publications like the Economist magazine to help my students improve their business reading, vocabulary, global business knowledge, and ability to discuss a wide variety of business subjects. I also have a huge library of more traditional Business English textbooks that we can use in our classes as well!


1993 - 1997
'Boston College'
Finance › Finance (Bachelor)
2003 - 2005
London Business School
Finance › Finance (Master)


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