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  • French: Elementary
  • Spanish (Latin American): Elementary


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Making English Fun!

Hello! My name is Jen. I live in Los Angeles, but I grew up in Cleveland OH, and I have lived all over the United States. I graduated from Heidelberg College in 2007 with a major in biology and a minor in psychology. Since then, I have worked in several industries. I started out as a research biologist, but also worked as a health inspector, restaurant manager and most recently as a sales analyst.

I have always loved books and reading. I even occasionally (and accidentally) find myself teaching new words to my co-workers. Language has always been interesting and important to me. I also just got back from traveling in Italy and Spain. It was wonderful to see such beautiful and interesting countries, and see firsthand both the difference and similarities in people. It also gave me insight as to just how challenging speaking with native speakers can be.

I was inspired to obtain my certification to teach English as a second language by a lovely intern (working at my office at the time) from Shanghai. She was struggling with the language so I decided to help her and I found it very rewarding. During my certification class, I really enjoyed my hours doing student teaching. I also took the add on courses for teaching young learners and Business English. Learning about people from all over the world was a wonderful and educational experience.

I encourage students to bring any questions or content they would like to work on! In my free talk sessions, I like to get to know my students, and discuss current events. I have found that we come across new vocabulary and have the chance to work on pronunciation while also having fun getting to know one another. In the lessons, I like to encourage and gently correct students during their sessions. I try to keep the environment laid back but also foster learning and growth. Helping people learn English is extremely rewarding and I look forward to meeting more students that are eager to learn!

Teaching Specialty:

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

I have lived all over the United States, this has given me a sensitive ear for subtle differences in pronunciation. I offer tips for correcting pronunciation errors. I have this to be an especially tricky area, but don't worry! I am very patient and we can practice the sound until even subtle sound differences are crystal clear!

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

I am constantly trying to improve my own vocabulary so I am confident that I can help others improve as well. I also use a variety of idioms and phrasal verbs, which can be a fun challenge!

Kids › All Ages

I took the specialty courses designed for young learners during my TEFL certification course, this gave me great ideas for working with children. My enthusiasm for teaching helps them to stay focused and have fun while learning.

Business English Basics › Advanced

I took additional courses in my certification class which specifically addressed Business English, so that experience gives me strengths in this specialty.

Everyday English › Advanced

I have alway found it very easy to talk to people and I really enjoy getting to know students during sessions. I also use current event articles that lead to great discussions. This gives me the opportunity to introduce new vocabulary, address pronunciation issues, and explain idioms or other confusing phrases.


2003 - 2007
Heidelberg College
Environmental Studies › Biology (Bachelor)
2015 -
International TEFL Academy
Education › Cert TEFL
Work Experience:
2008 - 2009
Wil Research Professional, Scientific and Technical Service
R & D
Dedicated and efficient member of the toxicology team, that led to the successful approval of dozens of pharmaceutical drugs into the market. Responsibilities included, verifying test article, various dosing animals techniques, data interpretation, conducting physicals and making clinical observations for abnormalities.
2009 - 2010
Marion Health Dept. Public Service
General Affairs
My creativity and passion allowed me to take over a struggling food program and help it thrive with a balance of education and enforcement, while staying in budget. Besides running the food dept. I also inspected; mobile home parks, pools, schools, infectious waste facilities and water and sewage lines.
2011 - 2013
Family Counseling Healthcare
Managing Director / Executive
Face of the office, a comfort to patients, and support for the therapist. Managing responsibilities included; coding and filing insurance, patient intake, payroll and bookkeeping. I also supervised visitations for court ordered cases.
2013 - 2014
Coldwell Banker Real Estate
General Office Clerk
I was an asset to the agents making sure they had all tools possible to be successful. This included; inputting and managing listings, newsletters, troubleshooting, reports, scheduling, social media posts, and supply ordering. Additionally I selected layed out and edited content for weekly advertising publications.
2014 - 2015
bracketron Business Administration and Support Service
Corporate Planning / Business Development
I helped an established company successfully inject new products into their sales line by analyzing product, and territory sales on a weekly and monthly basis. I also did account reconciliation, uploaded product details into synchronization programs, and maintained & developed presentations and various support materials.
2016 -
SkimaTalk Education
Teaching Professional
I really have enjoyed my time with SkimaTalk so far! It is wonderful meeting and helping my students.


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