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Roderick Rutledge


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Victoria University of Wellington
General Psychology
Bogota, Colombia

Language Skills

  • English (New Zealand): Native
  • Spanish (Latin American): Intermediate


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9.00 Coins Book Sessions

* This price is for free conversation lessons.

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479 sessions 216 Ratings Cancellations: 2 No-show: 3


Business and Academic English for busy professionals

Hi, I'm Ricky from New Zealand.
I'm a Qualified, Experienced and Passionate Online English Language Coach.
I have a BA in Psychology and the CELTA.
I specialise in Business and Academic English.
I have lots of experience in Business and helping students prepare for Exams like IELTS and TOEFL.
I've been living and teaching English for more than 10 years, in a variety of contexts: Private Schools; Language Institutes; Businesses; Private Classes both online and face-to-face.
My goal is to help my Students realise their dreams and achieve their goals - through English, by giving them the confidence and fluency to use their English when they need it.
My teaching is 100% focussed on my student's Needs, Goals, and Interests and I try to make my classes Engaging and Fun.

Teaching Specialty:

Business English Basics › General

Job Interviews, Presentations, Meetings, Communciation, Cultural awareness

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

Phonemic Alphabet & Chart, Syllable/Word, and Sentence stress, Intonation. Key to Listening and Speaking.

Business Skills & Knowledge › By Job Function

English for Software Developers and I.T. Professionals


1991 - 1995
Victoria University of Wellington
Psychology › General Psychology (Bachelor)


Overall: 4.80

Teaching Skill
4.75 (/ 5.00)
4.84 (/ 5.00)
4.89 (/ 5.00)
4.90 (/ 5.00)
Voice/Video Clarity
4.60 (/ 5.00)

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