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Christopher Maltby


Univeristy of South Florida
Business Administration
United States
United States


Language Skills

  • English (US): Native
  • Indonesian: Elementary
  • Spanish: Elementary


Price (25 min):

8.00 Coins

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Rating & Experience:

56 sessions 15 Ratings Cancellations: 0 No-show: 0


Patience. Teaching English in a relaxed setting, with no pressure.

Hi, my name is Chris. I'm a native English speaker living in the United States. My background is in business, but I have some teaching experience, which I will list below.

I believe the most learning takes place when there is no pressure. Making mistakes is an important part of the process of learning. I want all my students to feel comfortable enough to take risks, make mistakes, and have some fun too.

With your help, we will find out where your English needs improvement, and focus on those areas. I'm committed to helping you learn. Outside of the lessons here I will provide lesson plans and resources tailored to your individual needs.

Teaching Specialty:

Writing › Business Writing

Worried about how to write a business email or letter? I would be happy to review your writing and guide you towards something more appropriate for a professional setting.

Business English Basics › General

Want to learn the language of business? I have spent many years in the office, so I would happy to teach you. It will not take long before you are talking about outsourcing and opportunity costs.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

Natural conversation is the best kind of language learning. Let yourself make mistakes and have fun!

English Basics › Grammar

English grammar is the backbone of the language. It can be difficult, but when your grammar is good, it will make you much more understandable.


1998 - 2002
Univeristy of South Florida
Business and Management › Business Administration
Work Experience:
2002 - 2004
Academic Achievement Center Education
Teaching Professional
2004 - 2007
Phillips & Burns Financial Service
2008 - 2018
Madock Chiropractic Clinic Healthcare
Other Professional
2018 - 2019
Private English Tutor Education
Teaching Professional
120 Hour TEFL course.


Overall: 4.88

Teaching Skill
4.73 (/ 5.00)
4.93 (/ 5.00)
4.93 (/ 5.00)
4.93 (/ 5.00)
Voice/Video Clarity
4.87 (/ 5.00)

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