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Robert H


Institut Adventiste Du Salève
Fujisawa, Japan
United States

Language Skills

  • English (US): Native
  • French: Advanced
  • Spanish: Advanced
  • Portuguese: Advanced
  • Japanese: Intermediate
  • Italian: Elementary


Price (25 min):

9.00 Coins Book Sessions

* This price is for free conversation lessons.

Rating & Experience:

797 sessions 509 Ratings Cancellations: 10 No-show: 1


I enjoy learning and teaching languages.

[draft in progress]

I've been living overseas more than half my life. My family moved from the U.S. to Peru when I was 2 years old. I taught myself Portuguese at the age of 16, when my family moved to Brazil. I studied Journalism and French in college, and went to France for a school year. In addition to taking all of my classes there in French, I joined a cycling club, had a part-time job in a cafe, and hitchhiked all over Europe during my holidays. After that, I took a semester in Spain to brush up my Spanish. While in Spain, I was exposed to regional languages like Catalan, Valenciano and Basque. I fell in love with Europe and Western European languages, especially the Romance Languages (sometimes referred to as Latin languages or Neo-Latin languages).

After graduation, I worked for an NGO in Haiti. While there I struggled to learn Kreyol (Haitian Creole). It was very different from the European languages I had been learning up to that point. Dr Ariel Henry--the current interim President of Haiti--was one of my managers! [to be continued...]

I've been teaching languages since 1997, and I've been teaching English on SkimaTalk off and on since 2016.

I'm currently living and teaching in Japan.

Teaching Specialty:

Everyday English › General

A variety of textbooks, magazines, printouts and materials I've collected over the years.

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

Really Learn 100 Phrasal Verbs (Oxford Press)

English Basics › Grammar

Oxford Practice Grammar (Beginner & Intermediate books)


1990 - 1995
Union College Nebraska
Liberal Arts › French (Bachelor)
1991 - 1992
Institut Adventiste Du Salève
Foreign Languages › French


Overall: 4.87

Teaching Skill
4.95 (/ 5.00)
4.92 (/ 5.00)
4.96 (/ 5.00)
4.94 (/ 5.00)
Voice/Video Clarity
4.59 (/ 5.00)

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