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Tiffin University
Higher Education Administration


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I specialize in all areas of English.

Hi! My name is Angie and I currently live in North Carolina, USA. I received a Bachelor's degree in English from West Virginia University and my TEFL Certification through International TEFL Academy. I have been a conversation partner with college students from many countries, and I currently work as teacher assistant at an alternative school. I am working on my Master of Education in Higher Education Administration at Tiffin University, and I hope to work in international student services at a college or university in the future. I'm still debating teaching abroad!

I love to meet new people and am very interested in different languages and cultures! In free conversation lessons, I like to get to know students and get an idea of why they are learning English. If you have any specific questions, goals, or ideas, just let me know! I aim to make my lessons relaxed and fun, and try to be patient and encouraging.

I find teaching and tutoring extremely rewarding, and I am very passionate about it. I hope to meet students that are equally eager to learn! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me; I look forward to "meeting" you!

スタッフコメント 大学で英語を専攻したアンジェラ先生、TEFL資格取得を目指すフレッシュな先生です。


英作文 › 全般

My college coursework gave me lots of practice in writing, and my TEFL certification helped me to learn how to teach non-native English speakers to write.

ビジネス英会話 › 全般

I became familiarized with Business English during college, and was able to learn the specifics of teaching Business English while working on my TEFL certification. The more I know about the company that the student is working for (or any other reason that they may be studying Business English), the more I can customize the lesson for the student.

日常英会話 › スラング

Being a young adult living in a college town, I believe I can familiarize students with slang and idioms.

基礎 › ボキャブラリー・使える表現

I will build themed vocabulary lessons around topics of the student's choice, or a level-appropriate topic if the student does not have a specific topic in mind. I will use techniques that I have learned through my TEFL classes.

基礎 › 発音・フォニックス

My English degree allowed me to study linguistics, which I can apply to pronunciation and speech to help students break down words and pronounce them correctly.

日常英会話 › 全般

While in college, I participated in the International Student Program Conversation Partner Program. After being matched with an international student, I met with them regularly to help them become more comfortable speaking English in a casual setting.

基礎 › 全般

I have an English degree from West Virginia University and am currently working on my TEFL certification, so I am equipped to teach all aspects of English.


2008 - 2011
West Virginia University
英語・英文科 › English (学士)
2016 - 2016
International TEFL Academy
英語・英文科 › TEFL Certificate
2017 -
Tiffin University
教育学 › Higher Education Administration (修士)
2016 -
Preston County Schools 教育
I am an ESL teacher/tutor for students in grades K-5, including those in learning support. I work with students both in the classroom and individually to build their English language skills and assist in comprehension of their grade-level work. I administer literacy tests to learning support students, and I work with teachers to meet students' educational needs.
International TEFL Academy


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