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  • English (UK): ネイティブ
  • Spanish: 中級


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Making students feel at ease to express themselves and develop their conversational fluency.

Hey! My name is Andre and I'm a native English speaker from the United Kingdom.

As an experienced, qualified teacher, I provide three different lesson types:

1. Top Up Your English - This is perfect for advanced to intermediate learners that are just looking to improve their conversational skills. These lessons are relaxed and a great opportunity for you to develop your fluency and keep your English fresh!

2. Upgrade Your English - These lessons are more structured and ideal for those who are looking to improve their grammar, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation. The lessons will be personalised to suit your needs and goals. In addition, I'll provide you with a personalised google document to help you remember everything we cover in these lessons.

3. Speak Like a Brit - These lessons cover lots slang, idioms and phrasal verbs that British people use on a daily basis. Learning these thing will help you better understand your favourite tv shows and songs in English. Once again, I'll provide you with a personalised google document with everything we cover in these lessons.

I'm a person that loves sports, soccer, music, tv shows, films, art, design and traveling. We can always discuss any of these topics in class too!

Take the first step by booking a lesson with me, so you know you're in the right place.

I look forward to helping you achieve your English learning goals!

See you soon!

スタッフコメント イギリスの標準的なアクセントで話すアンドレ先生、Googleドキュメント等を使ったレッスンカスタマイズが得意です。


日常英会話 › スラング

'Speak Like a Brit' - a lesson type where I teach students slang, idioms and phrasal verbs used by British people, so they can better understand tv shows and songs.

基礎 › 発音・フォニックス

'Upgrade Your English' a lesson type I provide where I help students improve their pronunciation, grammar, reading and listening skills.

日常英会話 › フリートーク

'Top Up Your English' a lesson type I provide aimed at improving the students conversational skills and developing their fluency.


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