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Christopher D


The University of Salford
Sport & Leisure Management
Manchester, イギリス


  • English (UK): ネイティブ
  • Chinese: 初級


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Business English, current affairs & informal conversation

+ Hi! I'm Chris, from Manchester, UK. I have a level 5 TEFL accredited qualification in teaching English, and I look forward to connecting with you on your English learning journey!

+ I have a Bachelors Degree in Management and currently work in Marketing.

+ I am new to SkimaTalk and I bring with me plenty of experience in Business English, and using English as a Lingua Franca in meetings.

+ Im very enthusiastic, yet patient so I would structure our lessons together with a practical approach, dedicating my time to ensure that you maximise your learning potential in our lessons.

+ To speak English fluency, we will work to improve your accuracy and delivery to ensure you sound natural with the use of colloquial phrases and topic related vocabulary.

+ I love to travel and I have spent a lot of time in China, The Philippines and Hong Kong using English in company meetings.

+ I love to play golf, listen to music and follow the stock markets in my spare time. I also speak basic Mandarin

+ My speciality would be business english, but I would also welcome informal conversation and even exam preparation help.

+I look forward to teaching you!

スタッフコメント マーケターとしても活躍するクリス先生、TEFL資格を持ち、特にビジネス英語が得意です。


基礎 › 発音・フォニックス

I have an acute awareness of the difficulties involved with English learners from different countries and believe that with my patience and knowledge I would be able to create lessons that would improve the learners pronunciation and in turn increase their fluency.

トピックス › 雑談

Small talk in a lingua franca situation can be daunting for most people. I can help you gain confidence when placed in these situations, from what to say, how to respond and to be taken seriously.

英作文 › ビジネスライティング

I have plenty of experience with writing letters and emails to prospective clients. I am able to proof read, provide recommendations but most importantly teach the fundamentals when writing formal letters.

ビジネス英会話 › 上級者向け

My TEFL qualification specialises in Business English, in addition to my current career in Marketing in local and international markets. I would love to help aspiring English speakers to navigate the ever changing dynamics of business english.

日常英会話 › シチュエーション別英会話

I follow the news daily, so I have plenty of material and knowledge when it comes to current affairs and conversational english. My time abroad, particularly in Asia has opened me up to talking to non native english speakers.


2008 - 2012
The University of Salford
経営学 › Sport & Leisure Management (学士)


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