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Using life and work experiences to provide context to learning.

Peter B, PhD, MSc., BSc. (Hons.), Cert. Ed., TEFL Certificates (General and Business English)

Hi! My name is Peter and I am a native English speaker who grew up in England and who now lives in Australia. I have extensive experience in teaching in higher education institutions in Australia, Canada and the UK. As an academic I have written a lot about ‘work life balance’, and was a Professor in the Business School at Griffith University, when I retired early so I could practice what I preached.

Since retiring from full-time academic life, I have traveled extensively and would describe myself as an‘adrenaline’ junky. I have trekked above Everest Base camp in Nepal, have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, and have hiked, biked and paddled across Costa Rica. I am also a passionate golfer. In between my travels and golf, I also became a TEFL trained teacher and have taught Everyday English and Business English at all levels in Thailand, Laos and on-line, over the last eight years.

There is an old Chinese proverb which says ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime'. To my way of thinking, education is indeed an important force that can empower people to be the best they can be.

I have been an educator all my life, and am keen to pursue my passion for teaching while utilizing my skills in helping non-native English speakers to develop their English skills.

I have a wealth of work and life experiences to draw on, and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with you in the virtual classroom.

スタッフコメント 豪大学でビジネススクールの教授として活躍したピーター先生、現在はリタイヤし、英語を教えながら、生活をエンジョイしています。ビジネス経験も豊富なため、ビジネスパーソンに特におすすめです。


試験対策 › IELTS

IELTS Foundation and IELTS Graduate (MacMillan)

日常英会話 › シチュエーション別英会話

Speaking, pronunciation, idiomsl

日常英会話 › 上級者向け

Newspaper articles - reading, listening and comprehension skills

日常英会話 › 中級者向け

Newspaper articles - reading, listening and comprehension skills

ビジネススキル・知識 › ディスカッション・ディベート

Skima Talk and Intelligent Business

ビジネススキル・知識 › ケーススタディ

Skima Talk and Intelligent Business


1969 - 1972
Loughborough University
政治学 › Politics and History (学士)
1973 - 1973
Loughborough University
教育学 › Post Graduate Certificate
1976 - 1976
Loughborough University
経営学 › Hospitality & Recreation Marketing Operations (修士)
1992 - 1996
University of Newcastle NSW
社会学 › Women in Sport (博士)
2006 - 2007
The International TEFL Corporation
教育学 › TITC TEFL Certificate
2007 - 2007
The International TEFL Corporation
教育学 › TITC Business English Certificate
1974 - 1976
St Augustines High School, Edinburgh 教育
High School teacher. Taught Physical Education and Modern Studies.
1977 - 1979
Loughborough Recreation Planning Consultants 芸術・エンターテインメント
Recreation planner, market research, R & D.
1979 - 2001
The University of Newcastle, NSW 教育
Associate Professor and Head, Department of Leisure and Tourism Studies (1991-2001); Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator (Recreation and Tourism) (1989-1991); and Lecturer (Faculty of Education) (1979-1983). During this period I was also seconded to Kuring-Gae CAE to develop their BA (Leisure Studies)
2001 - 2010
Griffith University, QLD 教育
Professor (Griffith Business School); Director, Centre for Work, Leisure and Community Research; Head, School of Leisure Studies
2008 - 2010
Anousane Centre for English Studies 教育
English language school, based in Vientiane, Laos. Taught Everyday English classes at all levels (using New Cutting Edge series), IELTS preparation classes, and Business English classes.
2014 - 2017
Speak 3A 教育
On-line English teacher and consultant to school based in Hong Kong. Taught English and modern studies to High school students, as well as advised on curriculum development and assessment.
2017 - 2018
LearnX/Ignite Talk 教育
On-Line coach to school based in Bangkok. Taught Everyday English classes (beginner to advanced), Business English classes (pre-intermediate to advanced), and IELTS preparation for conversation segment of test.


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