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Dina S


Carnegie Mellon University
Chemical Engineering


  • English (US): ネイティブ
  • French: 中級


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Helping improve English vocabulary and speaking skills to be successful in business.

Hello. My name is Dina and I would like to help you improve your English so that you can be successful in your work. I am an engineer and have worked for a Fortune 20 Company. I can help you learn the vocabulary and phrases used in American business, with a specialty in technical and scientific vocabulary.. I can also work with you on resumes and interviewing. I have helped other SkimaTalk students with applications to MBA programs. My family lived in France for a while, so I know what it is like to learn and improve your knowledge of a foreign language as an adult. Learning English should be something you enjoy, and are able to get better at with my help. I hope you will let me help you improve your English.

スタッフコメント 誰もが知るアメリカの大企業でエンジニアとして活躍したディナ先生、ビジネス英語やテクニカルな表現ならおまかせ。カーネギーメロン大学卒(ケミカルエンジニアリング専攻)。


ビジネススキル・知識 › 面接・インタビュー

I can help you prepare for job and other interviews, including BEI (Behavioral) interviews. I also can look over your resume and can help with job and graduate program (such as MBA) applications.

英作文 › ビジネスライティング

I can help students with improving their writing and presentation skills - both informal and formal communication.

ビジネス英会話 › 全般

Learning technical and business specific vocabularly can be challenging, as these aren't usually included in traditional English classes. I can work with students to help them develop the specific vocabularly they need to be successful.

基礎 › ボキャブラリー・使える表現

I think it's important to learn different expressions that are common in English that can't be literally translated. I have a "Dictionary of Idioms" that has more than 600 phrases, sayings and expressions that are fun to learn. Starting each lesson with one of these idioms is fun and exposes students to phrases that they are likely to encounter when conducting business in English.

基礎 › 文法

My favorite resource for Grammar is the "Painless Grammar" book, although I also really like the "English Grammar in Use" series. The book "Woe is I" can be useful for understanding some irregular verbs and often misused words. I can diagram sentences if someone is interested in that!


1989 - 1993
Carnegie Mellon University
工学 › Chemical Engineering (学士)


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