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Daniel S


University of Michigan


  • English (US): ネイティブ
  • Japanese: 中級


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English conversation practice and business communication skills

What is your reason for learning English? Do you need to improve your conversation skills for your career? Do you love to travel, and want to improve your confidence when talking to native English speakers? Whatever your reason, I want to practice English conversation with you in a way that helps you achieve your goals.

My name is Dan. I'm from Michigan in the United States, but I have been living in Tokyo for nearly a year. I am currently studying at a Japanese language school, so I understand that learning a new language can be challenging but rewarding!

I have ten years of experience working in global businesses, so I would be happy to help you practice Business English or review professional materials including resumes or presentations. Outside of work, I love travel, food, cooking, sports, games, and more, so I would love to speak with you about any of your hobbies.

I prefer to practice speaking with you according to your own interests. Feel free to talk to me about anything! This can be casual conversation, or we can role play and practice specific scenarios to help answer your questions. Certainly, if you use your own study guides (books, newspapers, websites, podcasts, etc.) and want assistance to learn the material, I would be happy to help.

スタッフコメント 日本在住のダニエル先生、メーカーでSCM担当として豊富な経験があります。日本語の中級者で、ビジネス英会話が得意です。


ビジネス英会話 › 全般

With 10 years of experience in global business in multiple industries, I would be happy to help you practice and improve your Business English skills, and I can help you find additional online resources for individual reading and/or listening practice.

ビジネススキル・知識 › 面接・インタビュー

Having interviewed in multiple industries, and having myself conducted interviews and phone screens, I can help you prepare for interviews. I can also review your resume or any other business materials with which you would like assistance.

日常英会話 › 全般

I would love to talk to you about any of your interests, hobbies, or any other topic you would like to discuss!


2003 - 2007
University of Michigan
数学 › Mathematics (学士)
2012 - 2014
Washington University in St. Louis
経営学 › Masters of Business Administration (修士)
2009 - 2012
Epic Systems Corporation 医療・ヘルスケア
Project management; enterprise software implementation; customer technical support; software development / programming; customer training
2014 - 2019
Eaton 製造業
Supply chain program management; procurement and strategic sourcing; project management; supplier relationship management; negotiations; contract management.


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