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Elisabeth L


University of New England
Comparative Ed
Denpasar, インドネシア


  • English (UK): ネイティブ
  • Indonesian: 初級


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Effective English communication for professionals, everyday contexts and IELTS preparation

Hello, I'm Elisabeth. I would really like to help you with your English language needs. I've been teaching English language for many years in different countries. I would be delighted to give you every day English support. I am also extremely experienced with IELTS preparation and workplace English skill development. I also really enjoy chatting to people who would like to improve their ability to have interesting and effective conversations with others in English. I always focus on what your English needs are so the time we spend together will be useful and more importantly, valuable for you in the future. I look forward to getting to know you and assisting you achieve your goals.

スタッフコメント ビジネス英語とIELTS対策の専門家です。法人向け社員英語教育の経験が豊富。


基礎 › ボキャブラリー・使える表現

My experience as a qualified English teacher working with English language learners from different countries and at all levels gives me a huge range of ideas to chat about many, many topics.

試験対策 › IELTS

I am extremely experienced in IELTS prep. I understand the candidate requirements to a very advanced level with an effective ability to help with strategies and a practice regime that gets good results. I also have extensive experience with general and workplace English from beginner to advanced level. My teaching resources are always student needs based and authentic.

トピックス › 議論

I am very up to date with news and issues around the world and have a good general knowledge of different cultures and also how to structure discussions for interesting conversations.

基礎 › 全般

Let's have a conversation - how do you start - what shall we talk about - what do you want to know more about in English.

ビジネス英会話 › 中級者向け

I have been contracted by many businesses to work with employees who are required to communicate in English with clients, colleagues in all forms of English. My intent is always to gain knowledge of what English suits your professional situation and use that to assist with building your knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively in English at work.

日常英会話 › 全般

I have knowledge and experience in strategies to build and develop skills to have everyday conversations with others in English at all levels. I focus on your needs and what everyday situations you expect to find yourself needing English and build your skills using this information.


1990 - 1994
Griffith University
教育学 › English Language & Literature (学士)
1994 - 1994
University of New England
教育学 › TESOL,Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language,Linguistics,History & Philosophy
University of New England
教育学 › Comparative Ed (修士)


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