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Helping students improve their listening and speaking skills.

Welcome to my profile page!

As a teacher with over a decade of experience, I have been on an enjoyable journey. My teaching career began in 2006, where I assisted students face to face in a more traditional teacher-student setting. However, in 2016, my path took a new turn as I ventured into teaching English online, which opened up another world to me, specifically Japan.

The Japanese culture is one that I probably would never have been exposed to, since it's a country located so far from my own. Thanks to SkimaTalk, I have had the privilege of discussing Japan's rich customs, traditions, and the beauty of its nature with many, many Japanese students. I have also come to see clearly how teaching is not a one-way street; rather, it is an exchange of knowledge that can have an impact on both the teacher and the learner.

As for my teaching style: I have a strong belief in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for the learning process to be effective. So, I strive to create fun and relaxed sessions. To improve students' speaking ability, I always keep short news topics on-hand to give our free conversations direction. These articles are specifically short to give you more opportunity to speak during the sessions, rather than just read. For listening activities, I have got some excellent resources. In whatever aspect you are working on, I always offer abundant feedback to help you progress effectively. Finally, depending on your preference, I like regular revision sessions to ensure you retain what you've learned, and I feel it is important for you to try to use it.

I look forward to learning something new from you too, and I hope to meet you online soon.

スタッフコメント 英語講師として10年以上のキャリアを持つジョゼーン先生、多様な年齢、文化的バックグラウンドを持つ生徒を教えた経験を持ちます。南アフリカ在住でアフリカの言語も話せるそうです。


トピックス › 議論

I send topic suggestions before the session that you can choose from. However free conversation is also perfectly fine with me! Whatever you have in mind is great.

ビジネススキル・知識 › ケーススタディ

Case studies with advanced students are surely one of my favorite lessons to have! It's good to have students practising to express their ideas on tougher business matters.

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Regarding feedback, I will first find out your preference. So, if you want to talk freely during the session, I will take notes and then I will send detailed feedback for you to review your session in your own time. Or, you can choose immediate correction while we are talking.


2003 - 2005
Free State University
コミュニケーション › Marketing (学士)
2016 - 2017
Ambassador English Language School 教育
2018 - 2021
SkimaTalk 教育
120 Hour online TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course through i-to-i based in the UK. My final mark was 84%


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