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  • English (Canada): ネイティブ
  • Spanish (Latin American): 初級


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25.00コイン レッスン予約

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2107 レッスン 564 評価された数 キャンセル回数: 229 すっぽかし回数: 27


20 years experience, Linguistics MBA , Business Cons, Editing, TEFL, Coach Certified, business prof

Let my professional experience be your guide to success!

Seeking students interested in improving career prospects, career management, effective corporate communication language improvement. Those serious about development . Our first session involves exploring level and creating a roadmap.

Specialised in English proficiency exams OET, TOEFL, Celpips and IELTS

Senior recruitment professional help with all your career search job hunt needs. Are you looking to prepare in any of the areas of career management and hiring preparedness, we can create a plan. Placed thousands and thousands of professionals such as yourself.

Seeking long term students who are looking to improve their English and or career changes, job hunts, interview preparations with a frequent schedule. Your first lesson will be to discuss goals and get to know you better.

Specialities. pronunciation, structure correction, vocabulary enhancement, interview prep, corrective analysis in real time.

Improve your performance with customised and professional instruction.

A senior business owner with several years of hands on business consulting, recruitment and an expert and well known executive head hunter in the international recruitment industry.

I have over 20 of ESL teaching experience, all levels, TOEFL prep, business English. MBA in Information Systems

My experience includes pronunciation, writing, listening and reading. Correction and improvement instruction. These four modules are key to language improvement.

HR training, recruitment training for HR professionals, IT professionals as well. I can customise any tutoring required. If you are seeking a career overseas in North America I have international placement experience in Canada and U.S and can advise you on best approaches.

I also hold a B.A from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and an MBA in IS from Leicester University in the U.K.

スタッフコメント MBAを取得し、人事を中心に幅広いビジネス経験を持つジョン先生、8年以上英語講師経験を持ちます。ビジネス英語のほか、TOEFL、IELTS対策等幅広く対応可能です。


日常英会話 › 全般

Practie with a number of different tools and see solid improvement

ビジネススキル・知識 › 面接・インタビュー

My background is in HR and Recruitment. I have advised and placed thousands of people from C level to entry positions at Fortune 500 companies.

ビジネス英会話 › 上級者向け

Several years in corporate and recruitment positions have given me advanced ability to instruct concepts, scenarios and vocabulary.


1993 - 1997
Carleton University
商学 › IT (学士)
2000 - 2003
University of Leicester
経営学 › IT (修士)
2011 - 2019
Deloitte ビジネス業務支援サービス


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