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I can help you with Fluency, Listening and Responding quickly to a native speaker

Do you want to speak more fluently in everyday conversation? Want to be able to listen and understand people speaking at native speed? Want to be able to respond to native speakers quickly? If so, then talk to me about fluency training. I can help you!

Hi Everyone!
My name is Marellda and I am from Australia.
I have been teaching English for many years in Japan and in Australia and now I am excited to join Skimatalk.

To help you sound more like a native speaker, I'd like to help you with 4 things.
1. Pronunciation
2. Fluency and rhythm
3. I correct your mistakes and teach you how to make your speaking more natural
4. I teach you vocabulary that native speakers use. For example, words like "Brekky", "Maccas", "Arvo" as well as idioms like "I have butterflies in my stomach"

I can also help with the Versant test, TSST test and IELTS speaking.

(For new graduates entering a company next year, I can help you build your skills, so you can express your opinions and be more fluent communicating in English in a business environment)

I highly recommend these courses on SkimaTalk: English News for Beginners, English News for Intermediate learners & English News for Advanced learners.(I recommend a double lesson for the Advanced news articles)
These news articles are a good way to learn English, we can practice pronunciation, improve your reading skills, learn new vocabulary and have a discussion.

My advice for improving your English skills:
* Practice speaking English regularly. (2 or 3 times a week is good)
* Review words from previous lessons and try to use them.
* Have fun! When you have fun, you will learn more and enjoy it more. So it's important to relax, smile, laugh and have fun!

Let's learn English together. I hope to learn more about your country and teach you about Australia.
I hope to speak to you soon.

スタッフコメント 日本でも英語を教えた経験を持つマレルダ先生、通常の英会話レッスンのほか、IELTS対策も得意です。


トピックス › 議論

Let's choose a topic and discuss.

日常英会話 › シチュエーション別英会話

I can teach situational Conversation

基礎 › ボキャブラリー・使える表現

I can teach you vocabulary that native speakers use and teach you useful phrases.

基礎 › アクセント矯正

I can help you sound more like a native English speaker.

トピックス › ニュース

We can read a news article together and discuss. I really enjoy teaching the SkimaTalk courses: English News for Beginners, English News for Intermediate learners & English News for Advanced learners.

トピックス › 雑談

Let's do small talk together.

試験対策 › IELTS

I have many years experience as an IELTS teacher, I can help you get a good score by giving you many hints.

日常英会話 › フリートーク

I am happy to do free conversation with you, talking about anything you like. I can give you topics and questions.

基礎 › 発音・フォニックス

I can help you with your pronunciation.

日常英会話 › 全般

I can teach Everyday English all levels from beginner to advanced. I teach you idioms. I work on improving your fluency and rhythm.


2000 - 2002
University of Sydney
商学 › Human Resources Management (学士)
Australasian Training Academy
教育学 › Advanced Diploma in TESOL


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