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  • English (UK): ネイティブ
  • Thai: 初級


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I have taught English in three countries to all ages and all levels since 2002.

I am a T.E.F.L. certified English teacher from England and I have taught in three countries. I have been teaching since 2002 and I can teach teenagers, adults, IELTS, TOEFL, and general conversation to all ages.
During my teaching career, I have been offered the role of Head Teacher and I taught fourteen students privately for two years. Also, I have collected a lot of my own material and I can use this material to supplement a lesson or teach it by itself, if needed. I have always looked for new and creative ways to improve lessons and I continue to have the same desire in finding interesting ways of teaching English.
I am culturally sensitive and focus on what students want to learn or talk about without being opinionated or intrusive. I love my job and I am competent teaching any age and any level.

スタッフコメント 14年以上の英語講師経験があるベテランの先生です。ビジネス英語、IELTS、TOEFL等幅広く対応可能です。


基礎 › ボキャブラリー・使える表現

I have lots of material which teaches idioms, phrasal verbs, and slang.

試験対策 › TOEFL

I have over ten years experience teaching TOEFL and some supplementary material.

基礎 › 文法

I can teach all aspects of English grammar to all levels and all ages.

ビジネス英会話 › 全般

I have taught business English for over ten years to all levels and I have business material that can be used in real life situations.

試験対策 › IELTS

I have over ten years experience teaching IELTS and some supplementary material.

日常英会話 › フリートーク

My teaching material encourages the students to talk freely and I can help by introducing new vocabulary. Suitable for any level.


2002 - 2002
教育学 › TEFL Certificate
2004 - 2006
Myself, Bangkok, Thailand. 教育
I taught 14 students privately. Their ages ranged from young learners to adults and the lessons focused on conversation and pronunciation.
2006 - 2007
E.L.T. Phnom Penh, Cambodia 教育
E.L.T. had the largest number of students in Cambodia and because of this the classes were large. I was responsible for teaching elementary level students focusing on reading, speaking and listening.
2007 - 2007
New World, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. 教育
Students at this school were mostly teenagers and lessons were taught using the New Interchange books focusing on conversation and pronunciation.
2007 - 2008
English First, Jakarta, Indonesia. 教育
As above, all aspects of teaching were covered and I taught all levels.
2008 - 2010
Inlingua, Bangkok, Thailand. 教育
I taught young learners, teenagers and adults. Some classes were conversation, some focused on grammar and writing, some were based on business and there were advanced classes for IELTS/TOEFL students.
2015 - 2015
Edufirst, Bangkok, Thailand. 教育
I taught adults, teenagers and children. The adult lessons focused on conversation and business, and the teenagers' and children's lessons concentrated on the four skills with activities.
2015 - 2015
Inlingua, Bangkok, Thailand. 教育
I was responsible for teaching young learners and teenagers. This was only for one month as a fill-in, but in that short time I was offered the position of Head Teacher.


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