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Robert Harford


Trent University

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  • English (Canada): ネイティブ
  • Spanish (Latin American): 中級
  • Chinese: 初級


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Teaching English as a Second Language

Hello Students,

I am from Canada and traveling and learning about different cultures is something I love to do. Teaching is my art and I have a real passion for helping people meet their goals by sharing my teaching experience with you. I am very easy going, enjoy having a fun class, but I am also very focused on our goals.

I have worked in corporate businesses, family business, the music industry, taught philosophy, was a LATIN dance instructor (salsa, merengue and bachata) and I am currently writing a book. Send me a message if you want to give my class a try!

Qualifications & Experience
I am a Canadian with over 9 years experience teaching English in Asia.
TEFL Certificate (Company: MyTEFL) 95% overall score

• The head manager at a Korean Academy that teaches English in Malaysia.
• Head trainer of the online teaching program for Korean students.
• I currently train over 40 teachers on how to be effective teachers who can engage their students with an up to date curriculum and teaching strategies.

BUSINESS BACKGROUND: (Honours Business Degree)
• ING insurance company
• Water Treatment Company
• Sales and Marketing Background
• Organising Events Company in Asia: Music festivals, charity events, concerts, music agent for artists, and we specialised in securing unique locations for events.

ARTS BACKGROUND: (Honours Philosophy Degree)
• I studied Classical Philosophy, Ethical Philosophy, Analytical Philosophy and the Philosophy of Psychology.

Teaching Approach
1. Have fun in my class, enjoy, make mistakes, have interesting conversation and throughout all of this, I will guide you to your goal of learning English.
2. 100% supportive and I am a patient listener, always allowing my students to speak as much as possible in a class. Nothing beats practice!
3. My classes are FLEXIBLE. We can always adjust our classes to make it more challenging or easy-going.

a) I will create real life situations where you can practice your ability to communicate effectively with your English level.
b) I will teach you some fun games that encourages conversation and flow in our lessons.
c) I give HOMEWORK to the students who want it. It could be films or videos I send you, grammar worksheets, songs that you are interested in learning well, reading topics, or even real life practice situations you are comfortable trying.

I can teach students who want to learn business vocabulary and business culture or I can introduce interesting topics we can discuss and debate and I am also someone who can just have lighthearted conversation about everyday topics like music, literature, fashion, movies or even sports. I do my best to learn about you and what you want out of class and I design the best program that fits your needs.

Let's have a chat and you can see if I am the right teacher for you!

スタッフコメント 40人以上の英語講師を育てた経験を持つロバート先生、英語講師としても経験豊富です。英語学校で講師の教育・マネジメントも担当しています。


基礎 › アクセント矯正

I was the head trainer at my school for accent reduction of the local Malaysian English Teachers.

基礎 › ボキャブラリー・使える表現

I have tutored businessmen and woman on building their business vocabulary and I have also taught language teachers basic conversation for over 6 years.

基礎 › 全般

I have over 9 years experience with lesson plans, worksheets, creating quizzes, activity sheets and conversation games to encourage fluency.


2001 - 2006
Trent University
経営学 › Philosophy (学士)
2010 - 2011
Aviva Insurance ビジネス業務支援サービス
At ING I was a car insurance agent and then a house insurance advisor. There I sold over 144 House insurance policies, averaging 12 a month. I up-sold over 44 products and services. Provided customer service to over 1000 clients annually without receiving any complaints. I built relationships with customers and secured their trust by fulfilling my promises to the clients. I displayed a consistent and positive attitude towards the company and its clients in a busy and high stress environment.
2011 - 2013
Happy Marian 教育
At Happy Marian I taught English as a Second Language to students from 6 years old to 12 years old. I taught grammar, writing, public speaking and I wrote plays for the holiday themes. I also directed the plays and I taught the students choreography.
2013 - 2015
Season Arts 教育
Season Arts was one of the most famous theme based English schools in the city of Taichung, Taiwan. This was a school that taught outside of the box, by applying an arts curriculum to engage students and stimulate their creative skills. They taught English vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing like any other school, but they did so with theme based concepts that would stretch for 2 to 3 months like environment, sea life, heroes, fictional stories and more. This school exercised my ability to make creative lesson plans that engages all the learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic).
2015 - 2017
Future Heir 教育
Future Heir was one of the most prestigious Elementary English schools in Taiwan. Therefore, the pressure to be an excellent teacher was of utter importance. Future Heir paid teachers well and expected the students to learn English at the highest level with a genuine marking system. There, I managed only 1 class with about 18 to 20 students and I worked closely with my Chinese Teacher. We worked together and made sure students excelled in both manners and in their academic performance. I was also in charge of writing plays, teaching choreography and I taught math and science.
2015 - 2019
I & I World Parties 芸術・エンターテインメント
At I & I World Parties, I was the director of all the company’s events. In this role I created over 40 themes for arts and entertainment events. Established relevant partnerships that would benefit the company and negotiated with over 20 venues all over Taiwan to secure locations for the events. I rented properties, yachts, hotel spaces, and even campgrounds. I created proposals and acquired investors, oversaw accounting and was responsible for payment to over 40 staff members and deposits for international artists. Most importantly I calculated financial and safety risks for each event and I approached other businesses to collaborate with I & I World Parties like resorts, 5 star hotels, bars and restaurants.
2017 - 2019
School House Language Center 教育
At School House Language Center the role of an English teacher is more independent than most English schools in my experience. There were no Chinese Teachers working with me, so I had to manage all class related work by myself. I was responsible for progress reports, planning out curriculum for each semester, learning pace and I kept track of weekly performance. I also had to manage behavioural issues and I was responsible for identifying students who were struggling with the material and provide them with extra help through the customised program at this school.
2019 - 2020
Starkindle Academy 教育
At Starkindle, I am the head manager of a Korean Academy that teaches English in Malaysia. In this school, I have trained over 40 teachers at a time on how to be effective instructors who can engage their students with essential teaching strategies and I am the head of the online teaching program, but one of my most vital roles is to advise the school’s owner on school operations and academic programs. In this job, I am faced with weekly problem solving scenarios and I am constantly looking for ways to improve school operations to increase and maintain school attendance.
TEFL Certificate (Company: MyTEFL) 95% overall score TEACHING LANGUAGE SKILLS (94%) CURRICULUM PLANNING (95%) GRAMMAR (98%) LANGUAGE/PHONICS (97%)


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