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Sally Z


Swinburne University of Technology
Elementary Education & Teaching
Adelaide, オーストラリア

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  • English (Australia): ネイティブ


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I have taught English as a Second Language to students in Korea, Hong Kong, and France

Hello! My name is Sally, and I'm from Adelaide in South Australia. I have 3 years' experience teaching English, and have worked in South Korea, Hong Kong, and France. I'm also studying to become a school teacher, so teaching is something I really enjoy.

I love to travel, and have visited over 60 countries! My favourite places include Italy, France, the USA, India, and Egypt. I enjoy photography, and wrote a travel blog when I lived in Paris a few years ago. I also learnt French when I was living in Paris - so I understand that learning a different language can be challenging! I am also a qualified Dietitian, and spent more than ten years working in healthcare, so am very interested in health and nutrition. My other interests include reading, movies, the environment/sustainability, and many other topics - so I'm sure we'll have lots of things to talk about.

I would love to work with you to help you achieve your goals in learning English, so I hope to hear from you soon!

スタッフコメント 60カ国以上を旅したことがあるオーストラリア出身のサリー先生、韓国、フランス、香港で英語を教えた経験を持ちます。


基礎 › 発音・フォニックス

My students often comment on my clear and easy to understand accent. I can help you with pronunciation and support you in learning phonics sounds and blends to improve your pronunciation skills.

基礎 › ボキャブラリー・使える表現

I have lived in the UK, travelled in the USA, and come from Australia. I can help you learn vocabulary, common phrases, slang, idioms, and more from all of these locations to help improve your comprehension and confidence in using these yourself!

基礎 › 全般

I can assist with a range of English skills, such as speaking, vocabulary, grammar, phonics, or pronunciation. Let me know if there is a particular area you would like to focus on, and we can work out a program to suit you.


1994 - 1996
University of Adelaide
その他 › Science (学士)
1996 - 1997
Flinders University of South Australia
医学系 › Nutrition and Dietetics (修士)
2014 - 2017
Swinburne University of Technology
教育学 › Elementary Education & Teaching
Obtained at International House, Toronto


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