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TESOL Certified Teacher - Business Specialization / All types of lessons

Hello dear students, my name is Zvezdan. I was born in Toronto, Canada and I lived there for more than 12 years. Currently I reside in Sweden. I am a type of person who loves socializing. Driven by my love for socialization, so far I’ve learned to speak 3 foreign languages which include German, Italian and Serbian. My motto in life is to never back down and always accomplish set goals. With that kind of mindset I managed to achieve many things in sports and education. My hobbies are watching movies, reading books, listening to music, playing video games and fitness modelling. I am also a professional TESOL instructor specialized in business English,an economist and a YouTuber. I am also fascinated by Asian culture and history. You may wonder why have I written all of this? The answer is quite simple. I want to transfer my mindset on to you and to teach you fluent native ENGLISH. I take pride in helping others succeed and I care for my students. Hope to see you in the classroom.

スタッフコメント 経営学修士のZvezdan先生、ビジネス英語や英検、IELTS、TOEICなどの試験対策が得意。


キッズ英語 › 年齢指定なし

I have over 10 years of teaching experience with children of all ages and I have to say that I really enjoy tutoring children. They are so fun to work with and always seem eager to learn. I always ask the student what he/she wants to do if he/she didn't choose some material or I ask the parent if he/she sits beside the child. I have been working with "Lets Go" material for children for a long time. In addition I use flashcards, songs, children stories and even English learning games. I make sure that children have fun learning experience but I also make sure that they learn the meaning and pronunciation of new words. I have experience with both individuals and groups of children. Best way to learn is to learn through fun.

ビジネススキル・知識 › 面接・インタビュー

Job interviews and school interviews are both major parts of our lives and they could easily determine our future, therefore it is very important to prepare for such big moments in our lives. I helped numerous students to prepare for important life changing job interviews or interviews for MBA. There is an increasing demand for MBA level of education among companies around the world. For that reason good preparation is a necessity and this is a perfect place to get prepared for that big moment in your life. I interview my students using their own material or my material. I make sure to give them proper feedback and advises so that they could unlock their full potential. I am very proud knowing that some of my students are now respected members of some of the highest ranking universities and companies. So if you are in need of some good training, look no further, you are at the right place.

英作文 › ビジネスライティング

Although not as important as speaking skill, writing skill is also essential if you want to stand out as a proficient user of English. In the age of advanced technology when our apps can correct our spelling errors and some basic grammar mistakes you still need to rely on your knowledge of grammar to write more complex and quality texts, be that some casual letters, SMS and especially to write something for business such as presentations or emails. I have a lot of experience helping students edit their texts both for business and casual needs. I am able to correct your errors and give you advises on how to improve or if you are in a hurry to send some important documents in English I can edit them as fast as possible for maximum efficiency. I find it very important to satisfy the needs of my students and most importantly, I have the skills to do so.

英作文 › 全般

Even though people focus on speaking, I firmly believe that writing is quite important as well. With proper writing people demonstrate their grammar proficiency and are able to express themselves in best possible way. Written communication can be as important as verbal communication. I have many years of experience correcting essays, emails, articles and many other forms of texts that include general English, business English and similar. If you are a businessperson , a journalist, a teacher of English or even a writer who wants to make sure that your texts are well written, I can assist you. It is my goal to make sure that my students write properly and learn new things during each and every lesson.

試験対策 › 英検

The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency is one of the most important tests in Japan and therefore many students want to prepare for it because they need it in order to advance in their professional career or simply to check their proficiency level. I have hundreds of hours of EIKEN teaching experience and many satisfied students. I prepare my students for all levels of EIKEN tests from "EIKEN 5th Grade" to "EIKEN Pre 1st Grade" which include both writing and listening materials. I let my students use some of their own materials or my personal materials and even some online materials if need be. I always explain everything to my students and try to answer all of the questions if required. It is a very important test and that is why I try to do my best to make my students prepared.

トピックス › 議論

Discussion lessons are a great way to practice speaking English and to check your proficiency while talking about various topics. I always let my students choose the discussion topic that is interesting for them and that makes them feel comfortable talking about. Students can share their own discussion material or pick some of the available ones or even I can share a big list of discussion topics with them. This kind of material is a perfect way for me to learn how my student thinks and how my student uses English. It gives me a chance to have an interesting discussion and also correct my student's mistakes and give him/her useful tips.

ビジネススキル・知識 › その他

Majority of my students tend to be the people who require English for their work. Because of that I have met hundreds of students with various business backgrounds and from many international companies. Because of that I decided to perfect my business English tutoring skills and I obtained a TESOL business specialization. Business English lessons depend on student's wish. Sometimes the students want to use some of their own material, sometimes we use the material that I am provided with. During lessons new vocabulary and expressions are learned, role playing is conducted, business articles are read and discussed about etc. I answer all of my student's questions and give them useful tips for their business needs. I always make sure that the student is satisfied with the new things he/she learned during our session.

トピックス › ニュース

I especially love reading news articles with my students. Articles from websites such as CNN, BBC, Time, VOA are one of many that I read with my students on a daily basis. I always ask my students if they want to read by themselves or to repeat after me. I correct their pronunciation and analyze the article with them and answer any questions they might have. Afterwards we spend our time discussing about the story.

試験対策 › IELTS

I have been preparing students for IELTS Speaking Test for almost 6 years now. I am always provided with IELTS Speaking Test material by the school or by the student if he/she wishes to use his/her own. I use British Council or any other website for additional questions if they are required. I always listen to my students carefully, measure time with a stopwatch during their answering, type their mistakes and evaluate their answers with them and give them positive feedback and advice. I also provide my students with valuable tips on how to behave during the actual test.

日常英会話 › フリートーク

Free conversation lessons are based on student's wish. I let my student decide what he/she wants to talk about. I am a person who is interested in all kinds of topics. I enjoy the conversation with my student and make sure to point out their mistakes and correct them accordingly and give suggestions about their sentence construction depending on the student's proficiency level. My main goal is to let the students enjoy conversation and let them express themselves in their own way and give them some useful tips.


2014 - 2016
John Naisbitt University
経営学 › MBA (修士)
Global TESOL
教育学 › TESL/TEFL/TESOL Certification
2012 -
Online English Schools 教育
Over 8 years of Online Teaching Experience. Specialized to teach all kinds of materials such as "Let's Go" , "Eiken", "IELTS" , "TOEIC", "Side by Side", "Business English". Experienced with both children and adults.
TESOL Business Specialization


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