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I tailor each lesson so students use their individual strengths to improve their language skills.

My Master's Degree is in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I am a professional teacher and have taught hundreds of happy students. I would love the opportunity to work with you. You can also follow me for free! I send English tips and interesting facts to my followers each month (just click the "follow" button on my profile page).
Best wishes, Michele

スタッフコメント 教育学の学位を持つ教育の専門家で、多くの生徒様に支持されている先生です。プロフィールの「お客様の声」を見てみてください。


基礎 › 発音・フォニックス

I have been teaching on-line for several years and have developed a wealth of resources. My resources include business English, real American conversational English, pronunciation and speech resources, as well as test preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC, and ILETS)


1982 - 1983
Moody Bible Institute
コミュニケーション › Mass Communication
1995 - 1996
University of La Verne
教育学 › Child Development (学士)
1997 - 1998
University of Findlay
教育学 › Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (修士)
1993 - 1996
Fuller Theological Seminary 教育
As the Grade Recorder I interpreted Seminary grading policy to students and faculty. I coordinated the collection, entry, and reporting of grades. I also served as the Childcare Management for Commencement, supervising childcare professionals to provide oversight for approximately sixty children each year. I trained staff, and prepared for and managed emergencies and concerns.
1996 - 1997
Danbury State Preschool 教育
As the Lead Teacher and Site Supervisor I directed two High-Scope instructional programs serving fifty children between the ages of three and five.. I harmonized the efforts of teaching staff, parents, and student volunteers. I also met with parents monthly to discuss their concerns and objectives for their children and to increase their knowledge of child development and help them improve their parenting skills.
1998 - 1999
Century Health 教育
As a Youth Specialist I worked with a youth staff of high school volunteers who provided educational experiences for their peers and for younger children on staying alcohol and drug-free., I also directed a program called Helping HAND (Helping Adolescents Needing Direction) which provided resources to children and parents, and also allowed me to be the guest lecturer in several classrooms
1999 - 2012
Lower Valley Hospital Association 医療・ヘルスケア
As the Director of The Family Treehouse I managed a 24-hour/7 day a week childcare center serving children from infancy through age 12.
2013 - 2021
SkimaTalk 教育
Working with English language learners of all ages and backgrounds to improve speaking, pronunciation, listening, and understanding of English as a second or foreign language. I customize each student's lesson to fit their interest, skill-level, and needs.
Master's Degree in TESOL and Bilingual Education


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