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Regina M


Benedictine University
Public Health

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  • English (US): 원어민
  • Filipino: 중급
  • Spanish: 초급


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Discussion and debate, new vocabulary words, and reading/listening comprehension.

Hi everyone! My name is Regina, but you can call me Gina. I am in my mid 20's and I live in Chicago, which is where I became TEFL Certified by the International TEFL Academy. I have experience teaching English to teens and adults at the local Vietnamese Association.

I love to share my stories from my adventures and my past travel experiences, but I also love to learn about new adventures and countries I can visit. I also like to learn about life in other cities and compare/contrast that to life in Chicago. Learning and helping others are ultimately my passions in life and that gives me my motivation in life.

Some countries that I have visited include the Philippines, India, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, Canada, Morocco, Italy, United Kingdom, France, and Spain. I will visit India this year and hopefully South Africa next year.

I have a very flexible schedule to accommodate your needs so book your lesson with me today! :D

Teaching Specialty:

Business Skills & Knowledge › Interview Skills

I like to apply my knowledge and experience as a recruiter to help students prepare for their own personal interviews. I want to help make each student feel comfortable and prepared for their interview by asking both common and unique interview-style questions.

English Basics › General

I like to use recent news articles to practice reading and searching for new vocabulary. Depending on the student's level, I will practice pronunciation, use in sentences, context clues, and applying the word to the article.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

I like to use both familiar and unfamiliar topics in order to have a discussion and practice listening skills, comprehension, new vocabulary, common slang and phrases, and learn about each student.


Benedictine University
Health Care › Public Health (Master)
Work Experience:
Justice Other
Teaching Professional
Yoga teacher and studio coordinator for two locations.
Projects Abroad Public Service
Organized and fundraised $2200 BZE in donations and 200 pairs of shoes for Toy and Shoe Drive 2016 | Planning a children's sports day for over 200+ children | Developed a park beautification plan for Heredia Park | Collaborated with interns for San Mateo neighborhood clean-up | Managed & assisted with 10+ elementary classes during health education programs | Scheduled & attended multiple meetings with local principals for health education
JBS Wellness Healthcare
Human Resources
Administrative Assistant |Administering 5-7 spinal scan examinations per day | Operating front desk for 30+ patients daily | Organizing and management of back office | Marketing and advertising services, supplements, and products weekly | Collaborating with local health and wellness companies and organizations | knowledge of ChiroTouch software | Compiling insurance information using Availity | Training new staff | Preparing multiple patients and attending to chiropractors’ needs | Preparing new patient educational materials | Advertising community health education events


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