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Nicole G


Buenos Aires TEFL
TEFL Certificate
Buenos Aires, Argentina
United States


  • English (US): 母语水平
  • Spanish: 初級


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I am happy to help you improve your English - no matter your learning style or goals!

Hello! My name is Nicole and I'm a TEFL-certified English teacher from the US. My classes are relaxed and focus on learning in a casual setting instead of a high pressure atmosphere. We can focus on grammar, conversation, or your interests depending on the course you choose. Your goals are the most important part of learning! I have a background in business but enjoy teaching all types of students. I hope to speak with you soon!

Teaching Specialty:

Writing › Email Writing

Having worked in business for years, I am skilled in the art of writing a proper email.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

Conversation is essential for communication. Whether you're traveling, re-locating to an English speaking country, or need to improve your language skills for a job I can help you improve your conversation skills.

Business Skills & Knowledge › Presentation

I love showcasing good ideas and hard work in presentations and can help you showcase your talents in English.

Everyday English › Slang

Slang is the most fun topic to teach because it's useful, practical, and varies by region even when you are speaking the same language.

Everyday English › General

I have studied various grammar points and conversations topics so can help in whatever area you need coaching.

Business English Basics › General

I worked in the business world for 6+ years and understand the day-to-day needs of speaking English at work.


2008 - 2012
The Pennsylvania State University
Business and Management › Marketing (Bachelor)
2019 - 2019
Buenos Aires TEFL
Education › TEFL Certificate
Buenos Aires TEFL - 120 hour in-person course including classroom observation and teaching practice sessions across Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance levels


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