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  • English (US): 원어민
  • Japanese: 고급
  • Russian: 고급
  • Chinese: 중급
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  • French: 초급
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時間を忘れるほど勉強を楽しく。Making learning effortless.

Hello, you can call me Anna. I come from San Francisco. I left America when I was a teenager to live in Moscow with my parents and now I live with my Japanese husband in Japan. As for my roots, I have a little bit of everything in me, but mostly I have a mix of Jewish and European roots.

性格ですが、学校の一般的な先生と違って厳しくないですし、とても気さくです。といっても、しっかり&丁寧に教えています。お昼頃がハイテンションですが、夕方頃がかなり落ち着いています。一方的にたくさん話すよりも、相手の話を聞くの方が好きです。また、よく冗談を言います 😁 (意味不明な冗談もあるかもしれません笑)
As for my personality, I'm not as strict as perhaps most teachers at schools and am pretty casual, but I make sure that the student learned something and had a proper lesson. I'm quite energetic during the day but I get calm in the evening. I'm more of a listener than a talker and I like to make jokes (something they might be hard to understand, haha).

英会話先生が本業ですが、通訳、翻訳、ナレーション制作、絵の仕事などもしています。暇のときはユーチューブを見たりゲームをしたり語学したりしています。将来はプロなイラストレーターになってオンラインビジネスを作りたいですし、プロの通訳者にもなりたいです。やりたいことがいっぱいあります ☺︎
Teaching English is my main job. But I also do other things such as translation, narration, drawing, etc. I like to watch youtube videos, play video games, and study languages in my free time. In the future, I would like to become a professional illustrator, make my own online art business, and become a professional translator. I have many things I want to achieve!


〜授業の特徴〜 What you can expect from my lessons

• 日本語対応可能(日本語能力試験1級取得) ✅
I passed JLPTN1 so I can explain anything in Japanese

• 8年間以上日本人を教えている 👩‍🏫
I have been teaching Japanese for over 8 years

• 80歳のお年寄りから5歳の赤ちゃんまで教えた経験がある 👩‍🦳👶
I have taught students of many ages (5~80 years old)

• 完璧を求めるよりも、
伝えたいことを効率よく、誤解なしで伝えるかどうかを優先 🗣
I help students learn to communicate effectively instead of making them speak perfectly

• 想像力溢れたに教え方。授業中、説明する際はホワイトボードで絵を描く。
又、柔軟な教え方をしているため、一人一人の生徒に授業の内容をカスタマイズしている 🛠
My lessons are very imaginative.

• 英語の勉強をゲーム化に。他の生徒よりもハイスコアを取れたかどうか比べることが可能で、いい競争が生まれる 🤼‍♀️
I use games to motivate students.

• しっかりフォローアップを。授業の始まりで前回の授業で学んだことを復習してから次のことに進む。
忘れたことがあれば、私がノートを取って、マスターするまで授業の始まりで復習する 🌱
I review previous words with students. (repetition)

• 生徒が目標を達成するために適切しているアプリや本などの教材を紹介する 📚
I recommend material that are suitable for the student

• ESLlibraryというサイトのプロフェッショナルな教材を使用 👩🏼‍💻
I used professional teaching material from a site called ESL

• ビジネス英語、ディスカッション、プレゼンテーション、同僚と話せるようになる、スピーチ等の練習が可能 👔
I can help with Business English(speaking with colleagues, etc), discussion, speech, and presentation practice, etc.

• 英語の面接と試験(TOEIC/TOEFL/EIKEN/等)の準備が可能 💯
I can help to prepare for English tests such as TOEIC/TOEFL/EIKEN/etc

• 通訳と翻訳の仕事の経験があり、メールやプレゼンテーション等の校正・翻訳が可能 📝
I can proofread and translate emails or presentations.

Teaching Specialty:

Everyday English › Intermediate

Watching videos (generally summarizing and discussing the content), introducing natural and useful vocabulary for everyday conversation, discussing and debating topics(news, statements, etc), talking about the major linguistic differences between English and Japanese, going over common mistakes made by Japanese students, practicing tongue twisters in order to improve articulation and pronunciation in English, etc.

Business Skills & Knowledge › Discussion / Debate

TED talks, BBC/CNN/etc news article, recent news.


2014 -
Moscow Witte University
Business and Management › Project Management (Bachelor)
Work Experience:
2011 - 2012
McKinsey Information and Communication
2012 - 2012
Wall Street English Education
Worked mainly as a secretary and helped students book lessons with teachers at the school. Also participated in teaching the students or planning events for them like parties.
2012 - 2013
Colliers International Russia Real Estate
Worked as a manager and secretary. Dealt with sorting through business emails and planning corporate events. Prepared conference rooms for presentations.
2013 - 2013
Metland Education
Teaching Professional
Online Russian startup English school.
2013 - 2015
Hello English.us Education
Teaching Professional
Taught English to Japanese, Korean, and Chinese students through Skype.


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