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Willamette University
Portland, 미국

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  • English (US): 원어민
  • Japanese: 초급


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I am an expert at collaborative story telling to enhance English speaking ability.

Greetings! My name is Jorden. I am an English tutor available for your use. I also work at my local library, and I write novels. For fun I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and host a virtual tabletop role-playing game based in my fiction. I am basically a DM for a long running Dungeons and Dragons game. I have a varied and diverse teaching background. Try me out. I would love to help you expand and improve your English use.

Teaching Specialty:

English Basics › Accent Reduction

Since I live on the West Coast I have a "Hollywood" accent, and I can help students speak like the native speakers in most movies.

English Basics › General

I have the gear and experience to teach students of all ages that are new to English.

Methods & Tools › Role-play

As a game master for a number of role-playing games I can facilitate collaborative story telling.

Writing › General

As a published author of several fiction novels I can help students with high level editing.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

I follow the news and pop culture. I can draw on current events and recent movies and shows to propel a conversation.


1994 - 1998
Willamette University
History › History (Bachelor)
Work Experience:
2002 - 2004
English Circle Education
Teaching Professional
I taught English to students of all ages and levels of proficiency. I also created lessons for use.
2005 - 2019
Multnomah County Library Public Service
Other Clerk / Support Worker
I currently work at my local library.
120 hour course.


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