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Bard College at Simon's Rock
Political Science
Durres, 알바니아

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  • English (US): 원어민
  • Spanish: 초급


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Business English & MBA Specialist (Top 20 Programs): test score improvement, application essay edits

*Currently I have availability for 1 new client. If you’re interested, follow me & send me a message introducing yourself & explaining your goals.

I’m M, a native English speaker and professional teacher from New York City. I have a BA from a top American University and a CELTA teaching certificate from the University of Cambridge. I’ve been enthusiastically teaching English for over 9 years and have aided many clients in improving their language skills in order to advance their careers. Since 2016, I’ve have helped students gain admittance to the top 20 MBA programs. I’ve consistently received great reviews from my managers, colleagues and, most importantly, my students.


TOEFL and IELTS test score improvement:
I have been helping students raise their test scores, often dramatically, for over 9 years. My program will be tailored to fit your specific needs and learning style. Together, we can improve your grammar, increase your vocabulary, boost you reading and listening comprehension, reduce your accent, and much more. Additionally, if you have time between our classes, I can recommend specific online resources focused on strengthening your weak points.

MBA application essay critique and editing:
I can assist you in:
1. clearly demonstrating a critical understanding of what the school is looking for and how you fulfill these requirements
2. having a well-organized piece that is in keeping with what’s expected
3. presenting a clear voice that stands out from the crowd
4. producing a piece that is an accurate reflection of the absolute best you have to offer

Brief Description of my Experience:
*Worked as a writer and editor at the United States Information Agency (USIA) and for corporate clients.
*Helped students improve their TOEFL/IELTS score, develop great application essays and get accepted to top MBA programs.
*Assisted clients in advancing their careers in competitive corporate environments
* and more!


I develop an individual learning program to help each student reach their English goals in a fun and engaging way. In long-term courses, I’ve helped learners progress from beginner to advanced level. I’ve run intensive short programs to prepare learners for specific events, such as job interviews, presentations, trips abroad and more. The majority of my clients are upper management and C-level executives in Fortune 500 companies or MBA applicants to the top 20 programs.

I use ESL books, speaking activities and materials I’ve developed to help students speak more fluently, learn and activate grammar, expand vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and better their listening skills.

To start your fun and effective English classes with me, book now!

Please note:
I prefer to schedule one or two 50-minute class(es) each week with students, which allows for in-depth coverage of the material we are studying. I work with intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced learners.

Teaching Specialty:

Writing › Business Writing

MBA Application Essay Analysis and Editing: I will analyze your essay(s) and help you prove that you are a top applicant by: 1. Clearly showing a critical understanding of what the school is seeking and how you will fulfill these requirements; demonstrating how you “fit.” 2. Determining your strongest content and presenting it in a compelling, well-organized and structured manner. 3. Proving you have done your homework and really understand what makes each school’s program unique. 4. Illustrating how this MBA will help you achieve your goals and what your contributions to the school and your classmates will be. 5. Ensuring that your language is natural and without grammatical errors.

Writing › General

I can help you improve your writing skills step by step. Together, we’ll check your grammar, diversify your vocabulary and ensure your essay has natural collocations, metaphors and more. It's your choice: I can correct your essay with you present during our Skima session on Skype or you can send me your essay, I'll make the corrections on my own and then return it to you. If you choose the second option, we can communicate in writing about any questions you may have or via Skype if you prefer.

Writing › Essay Writing

I can help you improve your writing skills step by step. Together, we’ll check your grammar, diversify your vocabulary and ensure your essay has natural collocations, metaphors and more. I can correct your essay with you present during our Skima session on Skype or you can send me your essay, I'll make the corrections on my own and then return it to you. If you choose the second option, we can communicate in writing about any questions you may have or via Skype if you prefer.

Test Prep › TOEFL

I specialize in helping improve your speaking and/or writing scores. In class, we will simulate the actual speaking test situation as well as use other activities to strengthen your skills. For writing, I will send you a past TOEFL question, correct your essay, suggest ways to improve your writing in general and help you integrate specific grammar and idiomatic language into your writing that will increase your score. When you book sessions for writing, you will not need to be present. I make the corrections on my own and then send them to you. We can communicate in writing about any questions you may have or via Skype if you prefer.

Everyday English › Advanced

I’ll design a program just for you to improve your everyday English. We will use a combination of books, my materials and speaking activities to accomplish your specific goals.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

We will improve your English skills having fun and entertaining conversations. We’ll improve your vocabulary and pronunciation, and correct any grammar mistakes, which will make your speech more fluent and natural.

Topics › News Articles

I’ll share news articles with you about topics you’re interested in. Then we’ll discuss the reading in a fun and lively class.

Business English Basics › Advanced

I’ve successfully taught entry level employees to top tier management from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We will focus on your individual needs and design a program to accomplish your goals.


1991 - 1995
Bard College at Simon's Rock
Liberal Arts › Political Science (Bachelor)
Work Experience:
1999 - 2020
Self-Employed Arts and Entertainment
First show in 2001: a solo exhibition of oil paintings at the prestigious Galeria Arte Moderno (Modern Art Gallery) in Guadalajara, Mexico. Effectively publicized the “Las Momias de Guanajuato” exhibition resulting in front page art section coverage from Publico and El Occidental, as well as articles in El Informador and the Guadalajara Reporter, international internet exposure and local television and radio network reporting. Obtained numerous NYC area shows in SoHo, Chelsea and the Village, as well as exhibitions throughout the United States. Attracted media attention including the cover of the ‘Pulse’ section of the New York Post and local cable coverage on NY1 (New York City). https://www.patreon.com/MGartist
2010 - 2014
A.U.A. (American University Alumni) Language Center. Education
Teaching Professional
I instructed a range of learners from secondary & university students, working professionals & other educators. At AUA, I augmented required book work with pair & group activities, interactive classroom & online games, video projects & student presentations. For our contract with a local university, I designed & taught an intensive introduction to English course for beginners studying for degrees in the tourism & hospitality sectors. Our relationship with the local training facilities of international corporations (such as Chevron) required me to teach professionals whose careers required daily use of English in the workplace. Off-site, I taught technical English, working with students to improve their listening & speaking skills as well as general fluency in their work environment. I led intensive three day seminars for non-native English teachers. We focused on improving their language skills & introducing & maintaining a communicative learning environment in their classrooms.
2013 - 2020
Sloris Retail and Wholesale
As co-owner of Sloris, I design jewelry and fashion accessories using 3D modeling programs such as Blender and Rhinoceros. My manufacturing partner 3D prints my designs one item at a time for each individual customer. Potential clients find my unique and artistic creations on Etsy, Shapeways and my own web site. https://sloris.com
2015 - 2017
Englex Education
Teaching Professional
I taught a wide variety of learners in one-to-one English lessons using Skype. Following is a selection of the class structure I used regularly. ESL Book Based: I selected a book & used this as a starting point to systematically improve the learner’s speaking, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation & comprehension skills. I added materials I’d developed & online resources. News Topics Conversation: Before class, I sent students a news article, TED talk video or other material. In class, we discussed the content of the material, our opinions & related topics. Business English: Using ESL books & materials about their industry, I helped students from entry level positions to senior management improve their business English skills. Individual Program: The student & I discussed his or her goals and the most effective ways to realize them. Some student focused on one thing (grammar or vocabulary), others preferred variety; a collocations, idioms, then conversational class.
2016 - 2020
Independent online teacher Education
Teaching Professional
Assist business professionals in improving their English in order to advance their careers through acceptance to a top MBA program, promotion within their current company or interviewing and networking in order to land a higher position in a new firm. I tailor a program for each client’s individual needs to help them achieve their goals.
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, Pass Grade B, University of Cambridge


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