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Thomas Wagner


Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Business Teacher Education
Pittsburgh, 미국

언어 실력

  • English (US): 원어민
  • Spanish (Latin American): 중급


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* This price is for free conversation lessons.

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TESOL & TEFL Certified English Instructor with successful teaching methods

I am passionate and dedicated to providing English instruction that is perfect for your individual needs. I truly enjoy working together with my students and watching them improve their English skills in every class I teach.

I want to help my students to:
-Enjoy the English language and the process of learning English
-Improve their confidence so they can use their English outside the classroom
-Learn expressions and idioms that are unique to America, business, or specific job fields
-Feel comfortable and relaxed during my classes
-Conversate in a natural, friendly way that is fun

I care about my students and enjoy becoming friends, colleagues, and language partners. I want you to achieve your goals and dreams with the English language!

Teaching Specialty:

Business English Basics › General

I will use my experience and expertise in business and business education to teach you using job-specific lessons that you can then take with you in the workplace! I enjoy using real-life case studies and roleplays that will keep you entertained and constantly learning.

English Basics › General

Working in education and having a background teaching and designing courses in English, gives me the ability to effectively teach you general English. I have taught many students from all over the world successfully both in-person and online and you will be no different!

Everyday English › Free Conversation

We will talk about topics and news that YOU find interesting and fun. This will improve your conversational skills while building vocabulary and grammar.

Test Prep › IELTS

I have completed a IELTS Teacher Preparation Course by Premier TEFL that has given me the knowledge and teaching ability to prepare you for your Academic or General Training IELTS examination.

Business Skills & Knowledge › Discussion / Debate

In the business world, we always have something to debate and discuss. We can analyze current events, business deals, and news to better understand the situation from various perspectives and from the viewpoint of specific countries or industries.


2017 - 2021
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Business and Management › Management Information Systems (Bachelor)
2021 - 2022
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Education › Business Teacher Education (Master)
Work Experience:
2015 - 2021
US Army Information and Communication
Engineer (IT/Internet)
-Worked alongside a wide variety of enlisted soldiers and commissioned officers from diverse cultures and personalities to successfully complete missions and objectives -Performed internet maintenance for command on and off base -Trained to adapt and overcome obstacles when faced with problems or difficult situations -Acquired teamwork and interpersonal skills by working with soldiers to achieve common goals under pressure and with limited resources
2020 - 2021
S&T Bank Financial Service
-Utilized data analytics tools, software, and strategies to organize data and structure it into useful information to make better business decisions -Gained experience and knowledge in the finance, accounting, and information systems departments -Communicated in cross-departmental teams on enterprise-wide projects and systems
2021 - 2022
Cambly Inc. Education
Teaching Professional
2021 - 2022
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Education
Teaching Professional
-Provided assistance with a federally funded research project that supports remote/distance students attending university -Worked alongside university professors in the education department to distribute online classes -Conducted qualitative research on leading issues surrounding remote learning and remote teaching
Business TESOL certification with practical teaching methods
150-hour in-person TEFL certification in Costa Rica at Maximo Nivel Language Institute


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