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Nicholas K


University of Hertfordshire
Cordoba, 스페인

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언어 실력

  • English (UK): 원어민
  • Spanish (Iberian): 고급


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* This price is for free conversation lessons.

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English teaching for businesspeople.

I have been working with Spanish speaking business professionals for the last two and a half years and because of that experience I can help you develop your English skills with a strong focus on improving your business English skills. I have previously worked with NOKIA, Ferrovial, Space Cargo and Grupo Bergé. If you think you fit a similar profile, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Teaching Specialty:

Business Skills & Knowledge › Negotiation

In business negotiation is a must and so I have a large amount of material that covers this aspect of English

Business Skills & Knowledge › Interview Skills

I've helped many of my students with the resumes and also assisted them in successful English interviews.

Business English Basics › Advanced

I've got about two and a half years experience teaching Business English to adults.


2004 - 2008
University of Hertfordshire
Other › Geography (Bachelor)


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