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Irin Y


Cambridge University
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation


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  • Russian: 母语水平


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IELTS & General English Speaking and Vocabulary

Hi! My name's Irin and I'm here to help you make your English even better.

My Cambridge qualification, experience and an extended library of materials and resources are all here to improve your English and help you reach a new level of understanding and using this devious language.

I specialize in teaching speaking and vocabulary, so you will get plenty of those; but don't worry - I haven't forgotten about grammar, and, hopefully, I will show you a new, different approach to working with and through it. (See my "teaching specialty" to learn more)

Now that you know quite a bit about me - I can't wait to learn more about you!
Hope to see you soon on our next session,

Teaching Specialty:

Test Prep › IELTS

If you’re looking to for tips and tricks on how to get the highest score possible – you came to the right place. With my experience, thorough knowledge of the exam and a library full of the most recent, challenging and simply interesting IELTS (and TOEFL) speaking tasks we will improve your performance AND your language. So, let’s get that door-opening result!

Test Prep › TOEFL

Check out the “IELTS” section! ˆ

Everyday English › Free Conversation

Do you want to speak, but just don’t know what to talk about? Well, I’ve got you! Having a “free” conversation might be intimidating, and that’s why I’ll support you with all the different types of questions. We’ll talk about real and hypothetical, recent and historic, personal and general. Unlike a discussion, the spotlight is on you only, and I’m there just to ask, listen and suggest some corrections at the end.

Topics › Discussion

Are you tired of the small talk and want to tackle “the big stuff”, like politics, philosophy and science? Then I’m at your service! Being the information gatherer that I am, I’ll create a challenging, engaging, but also respectful discussion that will keep you talking. We’ll hypothesize and debate about different points of view all the while improving your language.

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

When you feel that your grammar is perfect, but something is still missing – idioms, proverbs and phrasal verbs are what will help you cross that “native-like” line. First, we’ll explore the topic, and this will give context of the vocabulary which will enrich your language. The expressions themselves are chosen by me specifically for your level and needs. So don’t hesitate and let me know the direction you’d like your English to grow next!

Writing › General

Whether you are writing a GMAT, IELTS or TOELF essay, want to nail your emails in 5 minutes or just have a piece of wring that needs correction – I’m here to help! We’ll work on the structure and content if needed, but the real magic happens with proofreading. I don’t just correct grammar issues; I’ll clean up your style and wording, diversify the vocabulary and point out flaws in reasoning (if any).

Writing › Essay Writing

Check out the “Writing: general” section! ˆ


Cambridge University
Education › CELTA Pass B
The University of Exeter
Sociology › Humanities and Social Sciences
Work Experience:
2016 - 2018
Advance: Educational Center Education
Teaching Professional
English teacher with the following duties: • Lesson planning; • Creating activities and academic materials; • Group and private lessons for levels from starters to upper-intermediate (VYL, YL, teens, adults).
2017 -
Lexica Education
Teaching Professional
English teacher with the following duties: • Lesson planning; • Preparing and creating activities and exercises; • Group and private lessons for levels from elementary to advanced (YL, teens and adults).
2018 -
IQ Consultancy Education
Teaching Professional
English teacher with the following duties: • Teaching IELTS preparation and business English classes; • Lesson planning.
Pass B


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