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Tokyo University of Electro-Communications
Electrical Electronic & Communications Engineering
New York, United States
Islamic Republic of Iran


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Business English with specialty in finance, philosophy, religion and investing

Hi! I'm a New York based best selling author, financial news reporter and entrepreneur. I first started teaching English in Japan where I lived for 7 years to study electrical engineering. During that period I taught English to 100s of Japanese students in English schools such as Gaba and Berlitz.

A little about what I do now in the US, I am an author of the book "Invest Diva's Guide to Making Money in Forex." I also run a company called Invest Diva (http://investdiva.com/), where we teach investing, produce market news and trade FX.

I love teaching and enjoy continuing my relationship with Japan, and therefore I'm here to teach you how to communicate in English, at a professional level!

Teaching Specialty:

Business Skills & Knowledge › By Industry

As an entrepreneur, I deal and interact with professionals across a variety of industries. From financial and business professionals, to investors, marketing and PR professionals or even engineers and IT teams. I can relate to your industry and help you expand your English knowledge in your field.

Business Skills & Knowledge › By Job Function

I have lived and worked in both Japan and the US. That is why I can understand your struggles at work especially when dealing with foreign clients/ team mates. I can help you fit in, and exceed in your job by learning to speak an impeccable English.

Business Skills & Knowledge › Presentation

As an award winning author in the US, I have to speak publicly in many occasions. I am excited to share my experience and presentation skills with you!

Business English Basics › Advanced

As a financial adviser and a former electrical engineer, I can relate to most business situations. Using business articles and heated discussions, I can help get your English to the next level.


2003 - 2004
International Language School
Other › Foreign Languages,Japanese
2004 - 2007
Gunma National College of Technology
Engineering › Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Bachelor)
2007 - 2009
Tokyo University of Electro-Communications
Engineering › Electrical Electronic & Communications Engineering (Master)
Work Experience:
2010 - 2012
fxc Financial Service
Marketing / Public Relations
2012 - 2016
inv Financial Service
I work as a financial and investment adviser at my own startup company, Invest diva.


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