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  • English (Canada): 원어민
  • Spanish (Latin American): 초급


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11 years experience, Linguistics MBA , Business Cons, Editing, TEFL, Coach Certified, business prof

Specialities: pronunciation, structure correction, vocabulary enhancement, interview prep, corrective analysis in real time. My students go on to excel in exams, interview results and entry into some of the best business schools in the world.

A senior business owner with several years of hands on business consulting, recruitment and an expert and well known executive head hunter in the international recruitment industry. My specialization is interview preparations, job, graduate entry now a specialised preparer for scholarships Rhodes and Marshall.

I have over seven years of ESL teaching experience, all levels, TOEFL prep, business English.

My experience includes pronunciation, writing, listening and reading. Correction and improvement instruction. These four modules are key to language improvement.

HR training, recruitment training for HR professionals, IT professionals as well. I can customise any tutoring required. If you are seeking a career overseas in North America I have international placement experience in Canada and U.S and can advise you on best approaches.

I also hold a B.A from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and an MBA from Leicester University in the U.K.
My goal is to improve the English capabilites of my students with patience and guidance.

To build the confidence of my students no matter the level, in a relaxed manner.

My lessons are based on two approaches student and personal styles.

Both teaching styles offer a student the means to experience both structured and flexible learning possibilties.

My job is to be your guide to continue to improve your English! Thank you for placing your trust in me!

Teaching Specialty:

Everyday English › General

Practie with a number of different tools and see solid improvement

Business Skills & Knowledge › Interview Skills

My background is in HR and Recruitment. I have advised and placed thousands of people from C level to entry positions at Fortune 500 companies.

Business English Basics › Advanced

Several years in corporate and recruitment positions have given me advanced ability to instruct concepts, scenarios and vocabulary.


1993 - 1997
Carleton University
Commerce › IT (Bachelor)
2000 - 2003
University of Leicester
Business and Management › IT (Master)
Work Experience:
2011 - 2019
Deloitte Business Administration and Support Service
Human Resources


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