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Everyday conversation and IELTS speaking.

My name's Karl Lucas and I'm from the United Kingdom. I've been living in Thailand and teaching English for the past 17 years.

I've taught all age groups including young adults in vocational colleges for 9 years where I designed lesson plans and activities suitable for that age group.

I've taught nurses, oil workers and university students both general English and IELTS Academic Writing.

I currently have over 7,600 online teaching hours under my belt where I teach both Freetalk, which is often a less structured conversation based lesson with Chinese adults and classes where a set syllabus is followed.

I've sold many Everyday English lesson packages of my own design as well as Academic Writing packages for IELTS in these Freetalk lessons.

I have a TEFL certificate from Stanford College in Thailand which was a six week in-house course.

Teaching Specialty:

Test Prep › IELTS

Have extensive experience teaching IELTS preparation to students wishing to take the IELTS exam. Have courses ready for Academic Writing and Speaking.

Everyday English › General

Have created lesson series entitled Everyday English which familiarises students with language and phrases commonly used in real life conversation. Lessons include Offering Help, Giving Advice, How to Apologize, Talking About Friends, Job Hunting and many more.

English Basics › General

Teach English used in everyday conversation specialising in speaking.


English / English Literature › English Language & Literature


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