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Kate Mahoney


University of Bath
Franch & Italian & European Studies

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  • English (UK): 원어민


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Bringing confidence to those learning English whilst boosting vocabulary

I have been teaching English online for the last four years and have taught English in person for 1 year. My aim is to make students feel relaxed enough to overcome the mental block of speaking another language in order to increase fluency. I want lessons to be enjoyable, that way is will be easier to assimilate more vocabulary. I make sure I provide corrections in a non-intrusive way so as not to break the flow of the lesson.

Teaching Specialty:

Test Prep › IELTS

We will focus on the speaking part of IELTS. There is a lot of overlap with general English as essentially it is testing your ability to express and connect ideas in a rich and fluent way.

Everyday English › General

This will be a guided conversation in order to get you comfortable speaking English which in turn increases fluency.

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

We can choose a topic area each week, something that interests you or something that you have little experience talking about. In this way the vocabulary acquired can be categorised and built upon week after week.


2000 - 2004
University of Bath
Foreign Languages › Franch & Italian & European Studies (Bachelor)


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