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Mishell H


The University of Melbourne
Global Media Communications

언어 실력

  • English (US): 원어민
  • Spanish (Latin American): 고급
  • Mongolian: 중급
  • French: 초급


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* This price is for free conversation lessons.

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Improve your pronunciation, your social skills, and understand how the foreigner is thinking

My passion is to teach my students English and watch their confidence grow lesson after lesson. Knowing how to speak English opens a lot of doors for my students: you go to the school of your dreams, you communicate with foreigners and make new friends, you get an opportunity at work that you were waiting for, and you understand the song you've been humming for years!

Teaching Specialty:

Everyday English › Intermediate

When teaching everyday English, I will pick conversation topics based on current popular culture such as music, movies, and books. The next class can build on the words used in the previous class.

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

Pronunciation is all about making funny sounds and letting the mouth exercise muscles that it has not used before! You will learn to relax your mouth and your body to make sure your pronunciation is at its best. It's fun!

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

We will create the vocabulary from the dialogue that ensues between teacher and student regarding the topic of the day. We will emphasize words that are useful for the student's life and personal goals.


2015 - 2016
The University of Melbourne
Communication › Global Media Communications (Master)
Work Experience:
2018 - 2020
Green Dot Financial Service
Human Resources
Certified 180 hours to teach children and students


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