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Sheila Maclean


British Studies Centre, Oxford

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  • English (UK): 원어민
  • French: 중급
  • Italian: 초급
  • Portuguese: 초급


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My expertise is teaching adults: Business English, Exam Preparation and Conversation

I have over 20 years’ experience teaching English for a wide range of contexts and nationalities, and I have my CELTA and DELTA qualifications. My expertise is with teaching adults, in particular, English for Professionals or Business English, and Exam Preparation courses. I have taught expatriates on-site in the UK in a variety of industries, such as: BMW Mini Plant, Neilson and Renault F1. I have also taught English to many other professionals from around the world.
I have run Exam Preparation courses for many years specifically: IELTS and Cambridge Exams (CPE, CAE and FCE). I have also helped prepare students for the TOEIC/TOEFL and BULATS exams.

My teaching approach is one which enables students to work in English confidently and fluently, whatever their level. I design courses and lessons so that students have a voice right from the start. Pronunciation and error correction play a strong role in my lessons so that students can be assured about expressing themselves clearly and confidently.

Teaching Specialty:

Everyday English › Free Conversation

Many students feel they never have the opportunity to have in-depth conversations on a range of topics. This is their chance! I enjoy conversations on anything! I use the conversation to expand students’ vocabulary; correct grammar and improve pronunciation. It’s a very enjoyable way to learn English.

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

All my lessons focus on pronunciation with particular emphasis on stress, intonation, chunking and pacing. There will be plenty of repetition and practice of effective pronunciation so that students can feel confident when speaking in English.

Test Prep › Cambridge

I have taught FCE, CAE, CPE courses many times and have a range of my own materials as well as a knowledge of the reliable online resources that are useful for helping students to pass their exams. I will also recommend appropriate coursebooks.

Test Prep › IELTS

I am familiar with all the IELTS exams: Academic, General or Ielts Life Skills, and have helped many students achieve the grades they were aiming for. I use a range of publications to aid learning: for example, the ‘Advantage Ielts’ series, Ielts Expert; I also use online sites focusing on IELTS, such as ‘Ieltsspeaking.com’ as well as many others. I have, of course, a range of my own materials.

Business Skills & Knowledge › Other

I have been teaching Business English and Business English skills for over 20 years. I have a range of my own resources and a knowledge of which online resources to use such as, BBC Radio 4 business programmes; oxfordonline.com or youtube videos.


1981 - 1984
Polytechnic of North London
History › British and World History (Bachelor)
2001 - 2001
Oxford Brookes University
English / English Literature › CELTA Pass B
2011 - 2013
British Studies Centre, Oxford
English / English Literature › DELTA


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