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Providing Global Advantages to Non-Native English Speakers

Hi! I'm Teacher Amelia. What sets me apart from many other language instructors is my vast amount of global business experience. I spent over a decade working for international corporations in a wide variety of industries ranging from automotive (Toyota) to durable consumer goods (Weber grills) to food (Barilla - Italian pasta).

Past positions were as a packaging engineer and a big part of what I had to do was communicate technical concepts to non-native English speakers. I have worked with people from North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Together we successfully launched hundreds of new consumer products to market.

In September 2016, I became TEFL-certified. Since then, I've discovered that teaching English is my labor of love. My first experiences in education were working as a teacher's aide and private-tutoring in Chicago. I enjoy teaching online the most though, because it is so convenient, and I can speak with people on the other side of the world.

It's become my mission to help people from different countries learn English because once the world knows English, business transactions will go more smoothly and people will become better connected. English is one of the most widely-used languages in the world, and those who know it have major advantages.

If you sign up with me, I will do my best to help you gain these advantages.

UPDATE: As of May 2018, I am currently taking an indefinite hiatus from my packaging career to travel, teach more often, and explore more of the world. The video on my profile is out-of-date. If you would like to see more recent videos I've created, check out "Amelia Teaches English" on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClXibPlym7iY_1H3GhFzjZQ?

Teaching Specialty:

Business Skills & Knowledge › Analytical Skills / Logical Thinking

I worked as a packaging engineer for renowned international companies. It was my job to develop packaging for a variety of products so they shipped safely to customers around the world. My duties included selecting appropriate materials, calculating freight costs, conducting testing, writing reports, analyzing data, creating & managing specifications, and much more. I am an expert in analytical thinking and would be happy to pass my knowledge onto you in this area.

Business English Basics › General

As part of my TEFL certification class, I completed additional coursework on techniques for teaching business professionals. Additionally, I have several years of practical experience as a business professional myself. In my last two corporate positions, I collaborated with non-native English speakers (with varying levels of fluency) from Europe, Asia, and North America. Together we successfully brought hundreds of products to market.

Writing › Business Writing

I really enjoy correcting typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes, and I try to do so in a way that is not offensive to the author. All great writers need an editor! I have been published in a trade magazine (Packaging World, March 2018) and on certain industry-specific websites (www.iopp.org, www.greenerpackage.com).

English Basics › Vocabulary / Useful Phrases

I can help you expand your vocabulary both organically through conversational practice as well as through the use of textbooks, articles, PowerPoint, props, and other materials.

English Basics › Accent Reduction

I have extensive experience private-tutoring an advanced learner from Czech Republic to help him reduce his accent and sound more like a native English speaker.

English Basics › Pronunciation / Phonics

Proper pronunciation is key to being understood, and I emphasize its importance throughout my lessons.

English Basics › General

My TEFL certification course has prepared me well for teaching you how to improve both your productive (speaking and writing) language skills as well as your receptive (listening and reading) language skills.


2004 - 2009
Michigan State University
Engineering › Packaging Science (Bachelor)
Work Experience:
2010 - 2011
Adams Foam Rubber Company Manufacturing
Industrial Designer: January 2010 – January 2011 [Chicago, Illinois, USA] • Developed fabricated foam products based upon customer-supplied parameters • Worked closely with primarily Spanish-speaking production staff to create part-specific procedures for factory personnel • Supported the sales and other staff by creating drawings for costing and customer service purposes using AutoCAD and other design software
2011 - 2011
Alberto-Culver Manufacturing
Other Professional
Packaging Lab Technician, Contracted by Aerotek: January 2011 – September 2011 [Melrose Park, Illinois, USA] • Coordinated and performed component testing of all new and proposed packaging following standardized test methodology • Compiled supporting documentation, results and recommendations in formal test report summaries
2011 - 2017
Weber-Stephen Products, LLC Manufacturing
Engineer (Other)
Packaging Engineer: September 2011- February 2017 [Palatine, Illinois, USA] • Communicated on a technical level with non-native English speaking professionals from North America, Europe, and Asia • Worked with a global team of Product Managers, Purchasing Agents, R&D Engineers, Financial Analysts and Accountants, and others to ensure the successful launch of over 150 barbecue grill accessory SKUs • Collaborated with domestic vendors as well as overseas supply chain to develop packaging adequate for distribution • Participated in educational outreach activities, including volunteering with an all girls’ STEM summer camp and partnering with a class at my Alma mater
2016 -
iTutorGroup Education
Teaching Professional
English Language Consultant: December 2016 - present •Conducting one-on-one 25 min sessions & 45 min sessions with up to 6 students (located in Asia) at a time •Assisting students ranging from beginner to advanced, both adults and children (junior sessions) •Providing student progress reports and corrections to lesson materials •Consistently maintaining above a 9.7/10 star rating
2016 - 2016
Project CARE Education
Teaching Professional
ESL Tutor & Classroom Aide: July 2016- November 2016 [Morton College - Cicero, Illinois, USA] • Assisted an advanced level student from Czech Republic in the improvement of his English language skills • Helped student prepare for and pass the Language Arts, Writing GED examination • Taught English to adult Spanish-speaking students • Focused on the improvement of pronunciation and accent reduction • Facilitated vocabulary expansion through the use of textbook material as well as conversational practice • "Star Awards" recipient
2017 - 2018
Barilla Manufacturing
Engineer (Other)
Packaging Engineer: February 2017-May 2018 [Northbrook, Illinois, USA] •Designed retail-ready packaging and POP displays •Collaborated with our headquarters in Parma, Italy on developing specifications for cartons, cases, and more •Utilized AutoCAD and TOPS software during design development process •Participated in cooking classes, "SMART working" and various business trips mostly to suppliers & trade shows
TQUK Level 5 Certification Awarded on September 30, 2016 International TEFL Academy, Chicago, Illinois, USA • 180 hours of coursework • 30 hours of Teaching Young Learners & Business English • 20 hours of student teaching practicum


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