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Daniel D


University of California Berkeley
Social Welfare & Education
Medellin, 콜롬비아

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  • English (US): 원어민
  • Spanish (Latin American): 초급


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* This price is for free conversation lessons.

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Grammar-based, speaking-intensive lessons which include everyday conversational practice.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to assist you in your English language journey. My name is Daniel. I am a California native-English speaker. I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Social Welfare, and I am TEFL Certified. I have spent most of my working life as a teacher- beginning as an EFL preschool teacher, a middle school teacher, and most recently as an EFL teacher of adult and adolescent students. However I have also worked as a social worker, therapist, as well as an administrative assistant for a middle school. For the last couple of years I have been teaching EFL for adult and adolescent students and have acquired a wealth of useful skills, resources and experience.

My greatest interests are all the Social Sciences, including: psychology, history, philosophy, economics, and also the Natural Environment, in which I have studied the hard sciences, with an emphasis on sustainable development. I am also very interested in subjects outside of conventional sciences, like meta-physics, spirituality and self-actualization. I love the arts, but gravitate mostly towards music- as I myself love to play guitar and sing. I also love movies, books and theater.

I am passionate about teaching because I always see myself in the students’ shoes and try to understand how I would best understand each lesson. From my own first-hand experience of learning a second language, I have an understanding of the students’ needs, along with useful techniques to provide for these. My lessons are comprehensive and well-structured, although allowing a lot of freedom for creativity and free-speaking. I know that learning a new language can be fun, and that it is more effective when taught in a fun and engaging environment. I customize lessons to fit each student’s particular interests, needs and goals. And I am comfortable teaching any proficiency level: from absolute beginner to the most advanced levels of English.

While I am qualified and experienced teaching just about any sub-category of English, like Conversational, Academic, Business English, my specialty is Grammar. I follow an intensive grammatical speaking approach that focuses on subsequent themes or practical functions, in which I prompt you to elicit meaning from and speak in as many variations and as much vocabulary as possible. I like to use visual presentations to help with clarification. While lessons are mostly dedicated towards student-speaking time, I offer assignments for you to work on outside of class, that will help strengthen the other language modalities: listening, reading and writing. The beginning of each lesson is dedicated to homework review and remaining clarification. I am also happy to make corrections and writing edits outside of class.

Teaching Specialty:

Writing › General

- Advanced level English lessons, with an emphasis on writing assignments and Presentations - Upper level grammar and vocabulary/phrase/term instruction based on functional tasks - Assignments can be determined prior to class to be presented and critiqued during the lesson - Or come prepared with your own assignments which we can work on during the class. - I am happy to make corrections and edits outside of class - I have a college degree and am proficient in academic English and writing. Resources - Pdf textbook (if requested) - Ted-Talks, podcasts, articles, etc.

Business English Basics › Intermediate

- Theme/department/function- focused lessons - Plethora of business related vocabulary/phrases/expressions, i.e. idioms, collocations - Business English podcasts for contextual listening

Topics › Discussion

- Custom-focused conversations around your particular interests - A discussion topic will be agreed upon prior to lesson - You will be given a link to an article, video or podcast for you to familiarize yourself prior to the lesson - During the lesson we will engage in a discussion over said topic using relevant, interesting and comprehensive questions. - Written assignments may be suggested and assigned if desired.

English Basics › Grammar

- Function/Theme-focused Grammar Lessons - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Levels - Intensive speaking around each theme/function, targeting appropriate grammar points - Provide theme-based vocabulary, phrases and terms - Power-point presentations - Eliciting meaning and intensive speaking practice - Freer speaking practice: i.e. creative exercises, conversational - Homework assignment: listening, reading, writing Resources - Powerpoint presentations - Pdf Grammar textbooks (I can provide for you) - Plethora of grammar exercises - Articles, videos, podcasts, etc.


2007 - 2010
University of California Berkeley
Other › Social Welfare & Education (Bachelor)


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