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  • English (UK): 원어민
  • Afrikaans: 고급


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* This price is for free conversation lessons.

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Helping students improve their listening skills.

My name is Jezanne, but you can call me Jez and I live in South Africa.

Since 2017 I've been on SkimaTalk and I've enjoyed that very much. As mentioned in my video there are 4 things I think I should tell you about myself.

1. I have been teaching since 2006 and I love it.

2. I am a big people person. (Ask me what that means if you don't know).

3. I have excellent resources to improve your listening skills that I have gathered over the years.

and finally ...

4. I love to give lots of feedback.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Teaching Specialty:

Topics › Discussion

I send topic suggestions before the session that you can choose from. However free conversation is also perfectly fine with me! Whatever you have in mind is great.

Business Skills & Knowledge › Case Study

Case studies with advanced students are surely one of my favorite lessons to have! It's good to have students practising to express their ideas on tougher business matters.

Everyday English › Free Conversation

Regarding feedback, I will first find out your preference. So, if you want to talk freely during the session, I will take notes and then I will send detailed feedback for you to review your session in your own time. Or, you can choose immediate correction while we are talking.


2003 - 2005
Free State University
Communication › Marketing (Bachelor)
Work Experience:
2016 - 2017
Ambassador English Language School Education
Teaching Professional
2018 - 2021
SkimaTalk Education
Teaching Professional
120 Hour online TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course through i-to-i based in the UK. My final mark was 84%


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