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Noah Parker


University of California Santa Barbara

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  • English (US): 원어민


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I specialize in business and professional speaking and writing.

Hi! My name is Noah Parker, and I graduated with honors from the University of California, at Santa Barbara. I have my TEFL certification from the International TEFL Academy.

I will be able to help with anything you need for speaking English, whether it be doing interview preparation, learning general business vocabulary for working with clients and partners in the United States, or formal emails. I have successfully prepared multiple students for MBA interviews with M7 schools - students I have worked with have been admitted to: Wharton, MIT Sloan, U.C. Berkeley Haas, NYU Stern, and Columbia Business School

I have experience working in sales, business development, and doing international supply chain management with businesses in China. I ran a drop-shipping operation that communicated with wholesale international sellers and suppliers, as well as international shipping companies.

Teaching Specialty:

Business Skills & Knowledge › Interview Skills

I realize that interviews are tough and stressful. Through our role-play sessions, we will focus on forming natural phrases, clarifying your ideas, and using positive language to highlight your success.

English Basics › Grammar

I know that English grammar is one of the most difficult subjects to master. By using relevant examples and explaining the difficult rules, together we can improve everything from tenses to conjunctions.

Everyday English › Slang

From phrasal verbs to idioms, there are many difficult slang terms and words used only online or in regional situations. I will help you feel comfortable understanding them and using them yourself.

Business English Basics › General

With a background in sales and business development, I am here to help with any general business questions you may have. Vocabulary, role-playing, or proofreading are all things we can do together!


2013 - 2017
University of California Santa Barbara
History › History (Bachelor)
Work Experience:
2018 - 2019
Codefied Other
Sales / Customer Support
In this company, I worked in sales, setting appointments for potential customers to close deals with senior sales team members.
I got my TEFL certification from the International TEFL Academy.


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